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History of Lipedema

Lipedema is a chronic disorder that affects thousands of people, most often women, causing embarrassment and self-consciousness and frustration. The condition is marked by an abnormal gathering of adipose tissue, usually in the lower half of the body creating a much larger, fattier lower half than the upper half of the body though this extra adipose tissue also tends to gather specifically in the upper arms as well. For those who struggle with Lipedematous fat, it can’t simply be lost through diet and exercise the way normal fat is lost which has meant that, for the most part, there hasn’t been many truly significant treatment options for this condition until recent years.

Lipoedema stage 3

A select group of physicians have dedicated themselves to better understanding and treating this disorder.  Karen Herbst MD, PhD, [ link] is a champion of this poorly recognized fat disorder and has been a pioneer increasing awareness of this disease in the United States.  Dr Josef Stutz from Schwarzenbach Am Wald, Germany has been a pioneer in liposuction for lipedema using Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL).   Dr. Marcia Byrd, the Medical Director and co-founder of Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center was one of the first American surgeons to become trained in the treatment of Lipedema by Dr. Joseph Stutz of Germany.  She has brought the techniques of Dr Stutz to her practice in Atlanta, GA.  Having sought out training by some of the best in the world for her cosmetic treatments, Dr Byrd is able to offer the highest standard of service to Lipedema sufferers and has shared her knowledge with other selected doctors similarly dedicated to lipedema, including Dr Thomas Wright.  Dr Wright who is board certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine [link ] is also an expert in his field of liposuction techniques has been treating lipedema for several years with both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Hope for a more definitive treatment for lipedema is here

Those struggling with Lipedema may feel like they simply have to accept a body that is uncooperative and uncomfortable, but modern liposuction methods that are focused on sparing lymphatics can significantly improve the symptoms and appearance of this awful and potentially disabling disease.  These newer surgical techniques for the treatment of lipedema are welcome additions for suffers of this disorder that can greatly improve their quality of life.  A consultation with Dr. Wright  can help Lipedema sufferers see that they do have options while providing insight into the procedure and healing time.