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Gynecomastia in Muscular Men

Do you consider yourself to be a muscular male? A man’s man? With so much press surrounding transgender communities, you may feel self-conscious if you happen to have “man boobs”, a condition that’s otherwise known as gynecomastia.

You may have already attempted to reduce the size of your male breasts through exercise.  The problem is – exercise will only work so much.

The Definition and Causes

Let’s begin by talking about the causes of gynecomastia and the prevalence of the condition in muscular males:

Gynecomastia is largely defined as the enlargement of male breasts, and it’s caused by genes, hormone imbalances, or even environmental factors. In most cases, adolescents will see enlargement in the area, but it resolves on its own over time.

But what happens to teens who grow up to be adult males, experiencing the same enlargement? In these cases, gynecomastia can cause many secondary issues including:

  • Lack of self confidence
  • Teasing from peers
  • Lack of social life
  • Fear of intimacy

In the case of bodybuilders, gynecomastia is often the result of steroid use, which kicks certain breast-enlarging hormones into overdrive – the result is the appearance of “womanly breasts”. As you can well imagine, this is a far cry from the results that muscular males want.

The problem can’t be wished away. It has to be treated surgically. Now, advancements in cosmetic surgery allow males to reduce their breast size via liposuction surgery.

How It’s Treated

Lipo surgery may seem like the most obvious answer, but an even better technique promises better results – tighter and toned looking skin – to match the rest of your muscular physique. New reports are zoning in on what’s called the “Boomerang Technique” which sculpts the area after fat and excess skin have been removed via liposuction.

The Boomerang Technique is otherwise known as body sculpting, and it has proven effective in giving better results. As a body builder, you stand a better chance of removing any trace of your previous issues with “male boobs”.

Where to Go?

Laser Lipo and Vein Center has helped countless males restore their confidence and masculinity over the last few years. The Center uses advanced methods of liposuction surgery to give you precise results, lower recovery times, and a muscular profile without “breasts”.

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