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Going South of the Border for Surgery – Is It a Good Idea?



We’ve all heard stories of how Americans travel to foreign lands for cheaper or banned cosmetic surgeries. And, if you’d like to change the way you look in one or several areas of your body, these options can be very tempting.

But…is it worth it?

It’s worth reiterating – traveling outside of the U.S. for cosmetic surgery is not a good idea in most cases, simply because:

  1. Surgeons outside the U.S. don’t face the same safety regulations as those found in the US.
  2. Training is also very varied. Liposuction, for instance, may be performed with general anesthesia in other parts of the world, whereas, in America, safer solutions, where patients remain awake, are exercised.
  3. Equipment and facilities may be outdated, improperly sanitized, and are laden with many other risks.
  4. The statistics are alarming. Many botched surgeries are reported when conducted outside of the U.S.
  5. Language barriers could pose a problem. You could request one type of surgery, and receive quite another!
  6. Sufficient recovery time may be needed before flying by air, a warning many cosmetic surgery patients ignore because they want to get back to the comfort of their homes.

There are many fancy names for traveling outside the U.S. for cosmetic surgeries, some of which entail medical tourism or makeover travel for instance. Moreover, when the price is well within reach, and patients have no lengthy red tapes to cross, or insurance companies to contend with for reimbursement, these offers can seem even more appealing.

Don’t bite the bait!

You could end up regretting the whole experience, and paying even more out of pocket to get a botched surgery fixed.

In a Nutshell:

The price paid for out-of-country surgeries may seem low at the get-go, but you could end up paying thousands more if the surgery were to go wrong.

A Safe Harbor – Staying Close to Home

We recommend staying close to home for the reasons discussed in this article. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and the Laser Lipo and Vein Center can help reduce the risk of botched surgery with our experience and skills.

In addition, if you have went through a painful and humiliating botched surgery, corrective surgery is offered. Ask us how.

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