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Fat Transfer to Face

As we age, our faces show it more than most parts of our bodies. Our skin begins to thin and sag, which is particularly noticeable on your face, as it often contains some of the thinnest skin on the body.

The face loses 1 – 5 cc of volume a year and to combat the volume loss many people use temporary dermal fillers to return the lost volume to the face.  That works well but it can be expensive to and time consuming to get temporary filler injections every year. One increasing popular alternative to temporary fillers is fat transfers to the face to replace the volume lost by aging. Fat transfers, otherwise known as fat grafts, consist of removing fat from one section of the body via liposuction, purifying the fat cells, and injecting them into another portion of the body in order to increase the volume at the site of injection, such as a patient’s buttocks, breasts, cheeks, or lips. Learn more about facial fat transfer surgery below!

How This Procedure Can Benefit You

Facial fat transfers can be extremely helpful in allowing patients to plump up certain regions of their face in order to attain a more youthful look. Most commonly, fat transfers to the face are used as a method of addressing fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, worry lines, sunken cheeks, tired-looking facial features, and on rare occasions, under-eye bags and dark circles.

While facial fat transfer surgery takes more time and effort than simple dermal fillers, the results are much longer-lasting, meaning that you can enjoy your results for a much longer period of time than you would be able to with a dermal filler—for years and even permanently.

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

There is a risk for fat cell death, and even the most experienced surgeons cannot entirely predict how much of the transferred fat your face will retain. However, in the hands of a well-qualified and experienced surgeon like Dr. Wright of Laser Lipo and Veins, a large percentage of injected fat cells should remain on your face for years to come.

Additionally, the results of a fat transfer to the face will be better seen in regions of the face with less activity, such as the cheeks and mid-face, rather than areas like the nasolabial folds seen around a patient’s mouth and nose. Under-eye fat transfers are extremely difficult to perform successfully, so if you’re interested in such a procedure, consult with your surgeon extensively and be sure to thoroughly review their before and after photos to ensure that they can perform the procedure to your liking.

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Why Choose Dr. Wright for Your Fat Transfer Procedure?

With over twenty years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery and liposuction, Dr. Wright and his team of top-notch associates have the qualifications and experience to back up their claims and help you achieve realistic and desirable results for your face.

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Make Informed Decisions About Your Health and Wellbeing with Laser Lipo and Veins

Find out more information about facial fat transfers and other potentially beneficial procedures you may be interested in learning about when you contact our office and set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Wright and the members of our medical team today.


Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary
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