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Facts and Fiction: Dispelling the Myths of Liposuction


Many people, when they think of liposuction, think that it is an easy and quick way to rid themselves of that unwanted fat.  It is true that the procedure can remove fat; however, it should not be considered to be that “magic bullet”.  There are several myths and misunderstandings surrounding liposuction.  Here are a few liposuction myths and the correct facts about them.

Liposuction is NOT for Weight Loss

This is one of the main myths about modern liposuction procedures.  Many think that these modern liposuction techniques can be used to lose a significant amount of weight.  Current, minimally invasive liposuction procedures should be considered a contouring procedure, which eliminates fat that is not responding to exercise and diet rather than a weight loss solution.  You can read more about liposuction and weight loss here.

Liposuction Can Get Rid of Cellulite

While it is unattractive, cellulite doesn’t present any serious medical or health concerns, nor can it be removed by liposuction.  Liposuction can, in some cases, make cellulite less visible; however, liposuction does not correct all of the fibrous tissue disorganization that causes cellulite.

It’s Not Really “Surgery”

While it may be thought of as non-surgical by some, modern liposuction is in fact a surgical procedure.  These procedures do require small incisions, which are about the size of a ball point pen tip, and micro-cannulas which are inserted to remove the fat.  Modern liposuction does NOT require general anesthesia or a hospital stay and is in fact performed as an in-office outpatient procedure using only local anesthetic.  While considered a minimally invasive procedure, it should be treated as a serious medical procedure.  As such, it should always be performed by an experienced knowledgeable surgeon at a medical facility such as an office-based surgical suite.

Men Don’t Undergo Liposuction Procedures

Many people think that only women undergo liposuction procedures; however, it is one of the most popular procedures among men.  The areas men have treated most often are the abdomen, “love-handles” and chest.

Liposuction Results are Magic and Completely Permanent

In general, liposuction results can be nearly permanent if you maintain a good diet and exercise program to reduce the possibility of weight gain.  If you do gain weight because you stop eating properly and getting exercise, the results of your liposuction can be negated.

Dr. Wright and his staff at Laser Lipo and Vein Center would be happy to sit down and discuss these and other common misconceptions about minimally invasive liposuction.  He can also help you choose the best procedure to help you achieve your desired results.