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DermaPen Micro Needling | Wrinkle, Scar Removal

DermaPen: Micro Needling for Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment

In a society where beauty is so important, maintaining skin tone and glow is a goal many people seek. Imagine your skin soft, smooth and mar-free. This is possible with DermaPen. This micro-needling device can help rejuvenate the beauty of skin in very simple ways.

Micro Needling with DermaPen

Tiny needles penetrating the skin sounds somewhat scary, but is actually not painful. People treated with DermaPen barely feel anything but a tickle. And this treatment is effective: As sterile tines are applied to the skin, the body goes into repair mode, and produces enhanced new skin cells and skin regenerates. In other words, the body is the one doing most of the work to bring skin back to life! The process has less to do with the current skin production and more to do with the ways in which cells can repair themselves. After the tines have done their work, skin tissue will automatically begin to repair from its source, better and more elastic. Scars, acne and wrinkles respond beautifully as better skin grows in.

DermaPen Treatments

DermaPen treatments have tremendous benefits to overall skin health. Elasticity of skin is increased, allowing for it to tighten. For people who have suffered from acne, it helps reduce scarring and gives skin a new, fresh and untouched look. In addition, depending on certain skin diseases, color pigmentation can also be altered and stabilized. While myriad treatments target skin that has already appeared, DermaPen’s fractional resurfacing treats skin where it begins to grow, strengthening and improving it from the source for beautiful, long lasting results.