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Create A Cancer Fighting BBQ

Now that summer has officially begun, family and friends will gather outside every weekend to enjoy various outdoor activities that include food and fun as we soak up the summer sunshine. When it’s your turn to host the BBQ, why not make your event a cancer fighting BBQ. A cancer fighting BBQ is not just about slathering on the sunscreen. Many of the foods we enjoy all summer at outdoor parties are not only delicious, but double as cancer fighting sources when consumed regularly, so don’t be afraid to load up on seconds of the following dishes this summer:

Chicken Breasts


This classic BBQ dish offers high levels of B3 vitamins which are scientifically proven to help reduce the risk of skin cancer recurrence when eaten regularly. Not only are chicken breasts delicious and healthy for you, they’re also relatively low in calories and high in protein so they’re the perfect addition to any summer gathering.



These little green wonders are also quite high in B3, as well as nearly 20 other vitamins and minerals. Packed full of healthy fats, avocados help keep you full and satiated and as a natural plant food, they not only reduce the risk of cancer, eating them also reduces the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and obesity while promoting a healthy complexion, hair and an increase in energy.

Leafy Green Salads


The perfect summer salad is full of leafy green lettuce and spinach and provides an abundance of antioxidants; specifically beta-carotene and lutein which have been found to limit the growth of certain types of cancers. Load up your salad with plenty of tomatoes, which are high in the cancer fighting antioxidant lycopene, and you have another great food source full of cancer fighting properties.



For one of the richest, most dense sources of B3, throw some fish on the grill! Top options include salmon, tuna and mackerel which all provide plenty of omega-3, anti-inflammatory properties while also tasting amazing with just the right seasoning. Just one serving of mackerel, for example, provides almost half of the needed B3 for the day, so consider adding a fish dish to your outdoor get together.

Summer Berries


With the warmer months providing plenty of ripe, juicy berries, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of their taste and the many powerful antioxidants they contain. These antioxidants help keep cancers from growing and spreading, so blend them up in a smoothie, bake them in a summer pie, or simply eat them by the handful at your next BBQ or summer party.

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