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St. Louis Skin Solutions & Photo Skin Rejuvenation

St. Louis Skin Solutions & Photo Skin Rejuvenation

Just like the rest of the human body, our skin will inevitably change over time. While the development of ages spots and other areas of pigmentation change are natural as we age, that doesn’t mean it’s a condition that has to be permanent. For many patients, these noticeable spots are closely linked to a feeling of lost youthfulness. While makeup is a temporary fix for hiding age spots, there are long-lasting skin solutions to be considered when you’re hoping to regain the look of skin you love like the St Louis skin solutions – Photo Skin Rejuvination.

Photo skin rejuvenation is an innovative skin solution to evening out the pigment in the skin and ultimately reducing the appearance of discoloration and age spots. Light cast at specific wavelengths is used to target problematic areas, creating a more youthful, even and smooth look to the skin over the course of treatment. Professionals in the field of cosmetic medicine have seen photo skin rejuvenation effective at treating age spots, the appearance of broken capillaries and blood vessels as well as facial veins.

Removing Age Spots with Photo Skin Rejuvenation

Quick, safe and effective, photo skin rejuvenation utilizes broadband light energy to remove skin blemishes and leave the skin looking healthy and clear. The light gently targets the problematic area and converts to heat energy which is quickly absorbed by the skin, creating a painless and non-invasive experience for the patient. Patients looking to remove the evidence of age spots often elect photo skin rejuvenation due to the fact it’s a painless procedure that comes without side effects and doesn’t require any recovery or downtime from daily activities. At most, patients report a slight red or pink hue at the treatment site that disappears within 24 hours.

Assessing Skin for Photo Rejuvenation Treatment

In order to provide the best results using photo skin rejuvenation, a cosmetic professional will need to take time to assess not only a patient’s skin tone but the type and overall condition before performing treatment. Based on these findings, light waves can be adjusted as needed for a customized approach to skincare and rejuvenation.


Lumecca Treatments

A popular choice amongst patients when it comes to photo skin rejuvenation is Lumecca. This light treatment technique targets skin imperfections including age spots, veins, and discoloration with quick and painless results. Lumecca is administered using a handheld device in the comfort of a doctor’s office and patients are asked to wear protective goggles as lightwave are used to target the treatment area. Over the two to three days following the procedure, patients will notice age spots and points of discoloration begin to fade. While a noticeable improvement in skin can be seen after the first session of Lumecca, most physicians recommend a series of sessions to achieve desirable and long-lasting results.



Photo skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive, out-patient treatment option for skin that can be done in a physician’s office without requiring any type of hospital stay. Because photo skin rejuvenation doesn’t require a topical anesthetic, patients don’t have to worry about an allergic reaction. The absence of general anesthesia for this treatment removes any and all risks associated with a lengthy hospital stay or recovery period. Patients who have undergone photo skin rejuvenation have reported redness at the site of treatment, but this most often disappears quickly after treatment is complete.



As with all cosmetic procedures, the final price tag associated with photo skin rejuvenation is highly dependent on a patient’s skin type, the severity of the treatment area and the number of sessions required to achieve successful results. The team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center is here to help patients understand the many financing and payment plan options for St Louis skin solutions available to them directly through our clinic.

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Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

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Photo Skin Rejuvenation by Laser Lipo and Veins Skin Care in St Louis

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

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