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The Endless Benefits of Compression Garments


Today there are more options than ever when it comes to compression garments. Though many think of the same bland, tan, boring compression garments that have been used since for what seems like forever, there are actually plenty of styles to choose from (like Circaids) that can brighten up your appearance during your healing process. Trust us; if you think you’ve seen it all, think again! The Benefits Compression garments come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, including socks and stockings. A few time-tested benefits of wearing these, and undergoing

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Varicose Veins During Pregnancy


It’s no secret that pregnancy brings a multitude of body changes and possible symptoms or side affects. Some women experience very few while others experience numerous side effects throughout the course of their pregnancy. It can be frustrating for a woman to witness so many changes happening to her body and although most of these symptoms and body changes are harmless and tend to go away once the baby is born, others may linger, even worsen after delivery. For many pregnant women, varicose veins appear with pregnancy. The appearance of

Vein Disease

Treating Telangiectasia with Veinwave


Spider veins can be embarrassing – especially in women. This issue has been featured in a range of health and wellness magazines, and it can even show up in early adulthood. Telangiectasia or fine, thread-like veins are also common, and these are due to genetics, prolonged standing or sitting, or lack of exercise. These veins are predominant on the legs, but they can be found all over the body.  Most are superficial, but they can be disconcerting when wearing short and revealing clothing. Fortunately, men and women have options to


The Return Of The Crop Top Means Soaring Vein Removals In Midriff


The crop top is back in fashion, and to keep with the trend, a rising number of women have chosen vein removal in the midriff area, in order to boost confidence. The Cause of Increased Vein Removals In The Midriff The numbers are in – aesthetic centers have experienced a twenty percent surge in this cosmetic procedure as a result of the fashion trend that once ruled the nineties. Celebrities too, have adapted the crop top trend, and it’s no wonder that everyday folks are following the cool Spring and