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Taxes and Other Similar Efforts Can Reduce Smoking Rates


It’s been decades of battles within our states’ legislators and lawmakers about the cigarette tax. A new study makes some very interesting points about how tobacco companies can impact the number of smokers within certain states. Tobacco companies have powerful lobbyists and the money and fortitude to fight just about every bill that comes up in the legislative body that could possible curb the sales of their companies—whether it be through raising taxes or some other form of regulating tobacco use. For instance, this past spring the Montana state le2gislators


Facial Procedures: What’s Best for Me?


If you are considering a facial procedure to fend off those early signs of aging, or you just want to improve the look of your face, you know there are many different procedures and treatments available. You are probably bombarded daily by the media with advertising about all the procedures that can help you achieve your goals. So how do you know what’s actually relevant to you? Determining What Your Needs Are You first need to look at what your face is doing as you see the signs of aging.


Skin Cancers Linked to Tanning Beds Costs US Hundreds of Millions of Dollars


It is commonly known and proven that one of the indoor tanning bed consequences is skin cancer—the most common type of cancer. Estimates show that approximately 30 million people use tanning beds at least once a year. It is interesting to note that about 25 percent of these people are teenagers. A recent study published in the Journal of Cancer Policy reveals that skin cancer cases are costing up to $343 million each year, much of this resulting from the use of tanning beds. Why Are Tanning Beds Dangerous? Tanning


New Study Provides Information about Skin Cancer and Red Heads


With a recent study outlined in the Los Angeles Times, scientists are uncovering the reasons redheads, and other “non-gingers” who carry a genetic variant, are more vulnerable to developing melanoma, a potentially deadly type of skin cancer. The gene or gene variant common to redheads is often associated with the familiar red hair and freckles. This allele is associated with cancer-causing genetics that create a 42% higher risk than those without the gene variant. Statistically, red-haired individuals comprise approximately 1% to 2% of the global population. In Scotland and Ireland,


Recent Study Shows Surprising Statistics about Skin Cancer


Recent research produced some very surprising skin cancer statistics about whether people who have suffered from skin cancer take the proper sun precautions afterward. A recent study suggests that while people may be somewhat more careful after a bout with skin cancer, it still does not convince them all to take even the most basic precautions such as using sunscreen or wearing a hat. The study analyzed data from approximately 760 adults who had a history of skin cancer, along with more than 34,000 who did not have any history

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Lifestyle Changes You Should Make to Avoid Skin Cancer


If you are concerned about developing skin cancer, either because you may be genetically predisposed to the condition or just want your skin to remain healthy, there are several steps or lifestyle changes you can make that can help prevent skin cancer. Wear Protective Clothing When going out in the sun, make sure that your clothing covers exposed skin to prevent skin cancer. Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts. Ensure your face and eyes are protected by wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. Use That Sunscreen This step


Causes of Skin Cancer and What You Can Do to Avoid Them


In our sun-loving society, we all understand the importance of avoiding the risks of skin cancer. We know that there is a definite relationship between UV exposure and the development of skin cancer. The causation also depends on what kind of exposure is experienced, the type of a person’s skin, and the type of skin cancer. Light Skin Almost anybody can develop skin cancer; however, some are more prone to it than others. Those people at higher risks of skin cancer have lighter skin, hair and eyes and are at higher

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