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Breast Implants In France To Carry Cancer Warning: Researchers Find A ‘Clearly Established Link’

Many of us have suspected a link between breast implants and cancer, but today, researchers in France have studied and found a direct link between the two, according to an article recently posted by Medical Daily and Medical Express.

The Details of the New Research, and How These Findings Could Affect You Include:

The research was headed by France’s National Cancer Institute.

The type of cancer linked is known to be anaplastic large cell lymphoma or ALCL, and at least 18 cases have been identified with the common denominator being silicone breast implants.

Despite the findings, however, officials aren’t suggesting that women who currently have implants extract these due to the small percentage of cases in a large group of women. The ratio, according to the articles, are 1 to 6 in every 3 million women.

Instead, breast implants, or the procedure itself will now be labelled with a cancer warning. Patients, therefore, can decide on their terms whether to go through with the procedure or not.

In years past, there were other common warnings, when a researcher found the silicone implants to be made with toxic materials, which were subsequently banned.

Breast implants, as many are aware by now, are one of the most popular forms of plastic surgeries to date, and this procedure is performed all over the world.

What’s the Better Alternative?

Many of us want to enhance our breast areas but are these implant worth the risk of cancer?

Fortunately, there are better, and, in fact, less invasive ways to achieve a better image. Today, plastic surgeons can enhance our breasts naturally and less invasively with fat transfer methods. This is otherwise known as breast augmentation. By sourcing fat cells from our bodies and reinjecting this, while contouring the area, we can achieve bigger, fuller breasts. Plus, the results look and feel completely natural, compared to an artificial implant!

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