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Breast Feeding Causes Sagging and Other Myths

Sagging breasts – it’s a common issue among most women. Sure, women all wish to have those firm, perky breasts throughout their lives; however, sagging is just a natural course of life. As women age, the connective tissue in the breasts, called the Cooper’s ligament, stretches out. Additionally, as the breasts go from having breast tissue to more fat, it can cause the breasts to look deflated and less perky.

Many women go to great lengths to prevent breast sagging; however, in order to truly avoid it, the truth about sagging breasts needs to be highlighted. Here are some common myths surrounding the causes of sagging breasts.

Breastfeeding Causes Sagging

This is perhaps the No. 1 myth about prevent breast sagging. Fortunately, it is untrue that breastfeeding can cause the breasts to sag. In actuality, it is the pregnancy that is the culprit. Breasts increase in size during pregnancy, and then remain enlarged during breastfeeding. The breasts will then shrink once a woman is done with breastfeeding. It is this weight loss and deflation of the breast that can create sagging.

Wearing a Bra Can Prevent Sagging

There is no substantial data that proves that wearing a bra will help prevent sagging. There is one exception to this: Some experts recommend wearing a sports bra during exercise, as the bouncing and movement, along with the pull of gravity, can in some cases stretch the breast tissue.

Exercise Can Prevent Sagging

Because breasts don’t contain any muscle tissue, exercises can’t specifically target the area. However, exercise that target the muscles underneath the breasts can help elevate them and prevent sagging.

Small Breasts Won’t Sag

All breasts, no matter their size, can be affected by gravity — small breasts are just likely to sag less. It all depends on the ratio of fat to breast tissue. This means if you have more tissue rather than fat, your breasts will likely droop less.

Minimizing Sagging

While breast sagging is generally inevitable, there are steps you can take to minimize it. For instance, smoking puts you at a higher risk for sagging, as well as being overweight. Dr. Wright and his team at Laser Lipo and Vein can discuss more tips about the myths of sagging breasts. In addition, the clinic offers several different options to correct and lift the breasts. Please call us for a consultation to discuss the various options.