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Botox Being Used to Treat Migraine Headaches

Fresh woman with marks drawn on face during botox procedure

Many people know that Botox is commonly used for cosmetic enhancements — mainly wrinkle reductions; however, it can also be used to provide relief to migraine suffers.

Chronic migraines can be caused by many different reasons including foods, sleep deficiencies, hormonal changes, genetics and others. Those suffering from migraines often seek relief in many places becomes of the painful nature of these headaches.

Interestingly, Botox is often used to treat migraines in many patients. Botox is generally used on chronic migraine suffers, those who experience severe headaches 15 or more times in a month. Botox can be used for sufferers who have trigger points in their temple, back of the neck, their brows, or deep inside of the nose.

Because Botox works by temporarily paralyzing muscles, it can be used to weaken the muscles around sensory nerves on the face. By weakening these muscles, it decreases nerve irritation, which then decreases the irritation that causes migraines.

Botox is injected into several different points because many people have more than one trigger site. For instance, one trigger site may be the forehead; some patients may start developing other sites because trigger site sensory nerves are very sensitive.

According to Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director of the Laser Lipo and Vein Center says, “Botox can dramatically reduce pain for some people.” He continues by saying that some may see a complete reduction, while others will see a 50% reduction in frequency and pain levels.

Botox treatments are typically given once every three months over a 15 month period, with the goal being a reduction in migraine symptoms, including vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light, sounds, and smells.

Additionally, if a patient does see success with Botox, they do have the opportunity to take treatments a step further. Surgical procedures can remove the irritation around the nerves, including boney canals, blood vessels that pulsate, and muscles that are causing the nerve sensitivity.

In addition to treating migraines, Botox has also been proven to help those suffering from excessive sweating. And of course, there’s the cosmetic benefits of Botox that helps smooth and relax those wrinkles from your face.

If you are interested in any of the benefits of Botox or any other cosmetic procedures, please call the team at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center to set up your complimentary consultation. We will sit down with you to discuss the benefits of Botox or any other procedure you may be interested in.