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Botched Revision Liposuction

Botched Revision Liposuction Fix Your Botched or Bad Liposuction Procedure

Performed properly, liposuction can be a wonderful procedure that produces the kind of results that aid in improving self-esteem and promote overall health and well-being. Poorly done, however, such a procedure can cause physical harm and disfigurement that can leave deep scars, both physically and mentally.

It is an unfortunate aspect of the cosmetic surgery industry that patients, whether by accident or carelessness on the part of surgeons and practices that might not take their craft as seriously as others, bear the brunt of the negative consequences that arise as a result of bad liposuction procedures.

However, there is still hope for patients who have undergone botched liposuction: revision liposuction. Read on to learn more about the details of liposuction revision, and what it can do to combat the negative effects of bad liposuction surgeries.

How Revision Liposuction Can Help You

To begin, revision liposuction, also known as corrective liposuction, aims to repair the damage by botched liposuction surgeries, or liposuction procedures that were not performed properly. It is significantly more difficult to produce desired results from liposuction revision, as opposed to undergoing liposuction for the first time. In order to produce quality results, a cosmetic surgeon performing revision liposuction will have to utilize more time and attention to detail than might otherwise be required, in addition to specialized instruments.

At Laser Lipo and Veins, we offer a full-service liposuction with the latest instruments and technology, as it is our specialty and helps immensely in tackling more challenging procedures like revision liposuction. Dr. Wright uses techniques such as liposuction, liposhifting, and fat grafting from other regions of the body in his efforts to correct defects, bumps, lumps, and irregularities derived from botched procedures. You can feel comfortable knowing that our revision liposuction specialist training will help you attain your desired results.

Laser Lipo and Veins – The Liposuction Experts

We understand that it can be difficult to trust another cosmetic surgeon after experiencing poor results from previous liposuction. Depression, loss of trust, and skepticism are all natural, understandable feelings that patients tend to have after going through such an ordeal.

That’s why Dr. Wright and the other members of our team here at Laser Lipo and Veins are empathetic to our patients undergoing revision liposuction, take care to treat them with reverence to the sensitivity of their situation, and take pride in providing patients with the opportunity to correct the damaging results of previous liposuction procedures.

Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Wright to learn more about revision liposuction and other procedures we perform at Laser Lipo and Veins. Let our revision liposuction specialist team get you the body you’ve dreamed about!

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