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Botched Liposuction Revision

Botched Liposuction Revision Fix Your Botched or Bad Liposuction Procedure

There are a vast number of reasons a patient may choose to look at liposuction as a method of fat removal. For some, stubborn fat deposits are a source of frustration despite hard work, exercise and diet. For others, fat removal is closely linked to a desire to sculpt and shape the body into a desired form. Whatever the motivation may be, the decision to undergo liposuction is personal choice that requires a skilled physician who understands the physical and psychological picture associated with body alteration in order to avoid bad liposuction procedures. When performed properly, liposuction is a highly effective procedure that can produce results aiding in the improvement of self-esteem. Increased confidence can in turn promote overall patient health and well-being. On the other side of that spectrum, patients who have a negative experience with liposuction may find themselves on the receiving end of both physical and mental harm. Dealing with disfigurements as a result of an unsuccessful procedure often lead patients trying to manage feelings of helplessness, depression and shame alongside physical trauma that’s been endured. This is where our liposuction revision can help.

Liposuction Revision

“I had a really bad liposuction in Costa Rica back in 2015 ! They deformed my legs so bad that I was devastated!!! I was referred to Dr. Thomas Wright for liposuction revision to fix all the deformation that the people from Costa Rica did and he was able to fix it!!! They look amazing!!! It was a really strong process of 2 treatments! But he saved my legs!!!” – GG


Bad liposuction procedures can happen for a number of reasons. A lack of research or understanding can lead patients to undergo procedures with inexperienced physicians. Similarly, those in search of a “cheap” solution to fat removal will often find themselves in dangerous situations with detrimental surgical results.

For those patients who have experienced a botched liposuction procedure, merely living with the consequences is not a necessary course of action. Liposuction revision is viable, safe and efficient route to combating the negative effects of a previous procedure and a route towards mental health recovery as well.

How Liposuction Revision Can Help Those Affected by Botched Liposuction

Revision liposuction, commonly referred to as corrective liposuction, is performed with the goal of repairing damage incurred during unsuccessful liposuction procedures. While the best physical results are always obtained through a successful initial procedure, revision liposuction is the best follow-up option. Patients undergoing revision liposuction should expect a qualified physician to take an extensive amount of time diagnosing issues and crafting a comprehensive treatment plan. As opposed to a botched liposuction procedure, revision liposuction requires far more time, specialized planning and dedicated care.

Liposuction Revision

The Laser Lipo and Vein Center of St. Louis

Dr. Wright and his team in St. Louis understand the delicate nature of revision liposuction. Holding patient safety and satisfaction to the highest levels of industry standards, the Laser Lipo and Vein Center provides patients with a full-service liposuction procedural selection. Utilizing the most innovative approaches and technology, Dr. Wright and his team are able to tackle more challenging revision procedures with ease. While a combination of treatments may be required to provide full correction, the team at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center takes a comprehensive approach to patient care. Whether revision treatment requires liposhifting or fat grafting from other areas of the body to help correct bumps, lumps or irregularities as a result of a botched previous procedure, patients will be offered an extensive number of personalized solutions.

Treatment Combined with Trust

For many patients who have experienced negative results from liposuction at the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, trust is a deep-seated issue that’s hard to overcome when looking for a correcting physician. Depression, skepticism and fear are all natural and understandable feelings for a patient in this situation to be experiencing as they search for solutions to the problem.

Patients looking for revision liposuction can expect to work closely with a team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center that understand the value of a patient-physician relationship prior to a procedure. Incoming patients will be scheduled for an initial consultation with the attending physician. This meeting is imperative, as it allows any and all questions and concerns on the part of the patient to be addressed. It also provides a significant amount of time for the physician to assess the physical situation the patient is hoping to have corrected. Consultation also provides a safe environment for the patient and physician to discuss potential treatment plans in detail. Dr. Wright and his team believe in transparency and are here to help patients understand not only the procedural process but result expectations and recovery timelines.

Liposuction Revision Cost and Insurance Coverage

Liposuction procedures are often deemed exclusively cosmetic by many insurance companies, however, those seeking Liposuction Revision treatments should be sure to check with their insurance company prior to any procedures being performed. In a few rare cases, if physical trauma incurred during the initial botched procedure led to major medical conditions that must be corrected, there is a chance the cost of care could be covered. If insurance coverage isn’t a viable option, the team at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center will provide information on alternative forms of financial assistance that may be available for certain types of procedures and treatments. Bottom of Form