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Foods to Not Eat After Your St Louis Liposuction


If you have received cosmetic treatments in the past, you have probably been told to avoid eating right up until your procedure begins. However, the same thing can be said after particular treatments have been completed, like liposuction. Of course, you need to eat but there are particular foods that are best avoided right after your procedure and during your recovery period. Here are the foods you should not eat after liposuction: Fatty Foods Avoiding meals that are high in saturated fat is recommended for patients immediately after their liposuction


5 Places on the Face for a Botox Injection


Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the planet; very few people have never heard of it. Botox is used to help smooth wrinkles and fine lines around the face, helping you appear younger. What may be unknown to those looking into receiving Botox is where on the face the injections can be made at. Here are five places for a botox injection that can achieve smoother skin: Between the Eyebrows One of the most popular injection sites for Botox is between the eyebrows. Vertical lines between


All About Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage


When it comes to lymphedema, patients can experience pain and swelling that can make everyday activities hard. One of the best methods of relief often recommended by physicians is manual lymphatic drainage massage. Here is what you can expect from manual lymphatic drainage massages: What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage? A manual lymphatic drainage massage is useful in relieving symptoms of lymphedema such as swelling and pain around damaged lymph nodes. Lymphedema can occur in the legs or other parts of the body due to cancer, radiation exposure, infection, and

Vein Treatment

How Does Facial Vein Removal Work?


Spider veins are a symptom of vein disease that can appear on unexpected places such as your face. Luckily, spider veins are a pretty common condition and do not represent a severe health risk. We offer a variety of facial vein removal treatments that will help clear your face. Here is what you can expect from facial vein removal: How It Works We treat spider veins on the face through specially designed treatments called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), VeinWave, and sclerotherapy. These specialized treatments typically only last around 10 to

Vein Disease

Stages of Vein Disease


Like other medical conditions vein disease is identified through a variety of stages depending on how far it has progressed. It is important for your medical provider to continue to work with you on what stage of vein disease you are experiencing and be recommended proper treatments. Here is what you need to know about the various stages of vein disease: Stage 1 – Spider Veins Vein disease often begins mildly with you experiencing symptoms that are not life threatening or painful. Often times you will begin to notice spider


Endovenous Laser Treatment vs Vein Stripping


When it comes to vein disease treatments, technology has only continued to improve, allowing safer and more reliable procedures to become available. Vein stripping used to be the recommended treatment option for varicose veins. However, now that options have expanded, endovenous laser treatment has become the trendsetter for those in need of treatment. Here is how endovenous laser treatment is stacked up against vein stripping: Vein Stripping: The Procedure Vein stripping is a vein treatment that has been in use for decades with little changing. Large incisions are made across


How to Lower the Risk of Pulmonary Embolisms?


One of the deadliest vein conditions that can occur in the human body is something called a pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolisms are blockages, more specifically blood clots, that occur in the pulmonary arteries located in your lungs. The blood clots break from the veins in other parts of the body due to a condition called deep vein thrombosis and travel up the blood stream to your lungs. Once these blood clots find their way to the lungs, you can experience a variety of symptoms that can even lead to death. Like


Why You Need a Salt Facial This Fall


The summer months are finally coming to a close. With the bright sun comes plenty of sun damage that negatively affect your skin. Now is the perfect time to explore one of newest trends in facials, a salt facial. This treatment helps exfoliate your skin with natural-based sea salt. Here is why you need a salt facial this fall: What is a Salt Facial? Salt facials are a recently developed facial that combines ultrasound technology, LED light therapy, and exfoliation that uses a sea-salt base. This three-step facial helps make


What is the Kybella Treatment and How Does It Work?


No longer are invasive treatments the only option for getting rid of fat in hard to treat places. As technology used in cosmetic procedures continues to improve, so does the type of treatment you can receive. Double chins have been one of the hardest areas to treat, typically requiring liposuction. An incredible alternative treatment called Kybella has been gaining traction over the years. The Kybella Treatment is an injectable treatment that avoids the more invasive procedures of surgery and liposuction for a quick and easy procedure. How Does the Kybella


What are the Limitations of Liposuction Surgery?


Individuals looking for permanent changes to their body need to understand the realistic expectations that follow. The same goes for liposuction; patients need to be well versed in what liposuction can treat. There are limitations to liposuction surgery that potential patients should be aware of before reaching their final decision. Stretch Marks Liposuction is a great procedure to remove excess fat tissue in marked areas of the body. One thing that liposuction cannot fix is the appearance of stretch marks. The top layer of the skin, called the epidermis, stretches

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