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Achieving a Thigh Gap Safely

Pic Thigh GapThere is a very popular “look” that many women and girls are trying to achieve — the thigh gap — where the thighs do not touch each other and there is a visible space between the thighs when standing with the feet together.

The increase in the popularity of this thigh gap could be the result of several factors. There are people who look at this as a sign of a healthy, fit body. Alternatively, others, especially younger women, want to look like the models featured in fashion magazines. Unfortunately, most of these models’ “thigh gaps” have been PhotoShopped in and are not naturally occurring.

In fact, very few women or girls can naturally achieve a thigh gap due to genetics. Whether the thighs touch is based on the shape of the pelvis, as well as how far the hip bones are placed. Very few people have the body type that presents this gap naturally. In fact, many lean athletes do not have thigh gaps, although they have thin, well-muscled legs.

As a result, many women and girls are turning to strict diets in order to lose weight in an attempt to achieve this look. And, disturbingly, many are being driven to eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia in a vain attempt to get this gap.

While diet and exercise are the healthiest ways to achieve the desired body look, you should regulate your diet. Starvation may produce thinner legs, but the health effects can be devastating. Exercising can also help produce thinner, more toned thighs. Using proper diet and exercise can help you get toned, healthy looking legs.

Liposuction is an Option

If you find that diet and exercise are not producing the results you want, body contouring or liposuction techniques can be an option. There are often areas of the body that simply do not respond to all that diet and exercise.

Liposuction or body contouring procedures such as laser therapy or CoolSculpting administered by a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon can help you safely achieve that thigh gap. These liposuction procedures will reduce the fat deposits as well as tight the skin to smooth the area.

Getting the look you want can be safe and healthy. Consult with an experienced medical professional to discuss the options available to help achieve the look you desire.