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Cosmetic Vein and Liposuction Finance Options

Cosmetic Vein and Liposuction Finance Options Financing for Liposuction and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Bills are a fact of life and sometimes keep us from having the procedures we’d like to have. If you are seeking a cosmetic procedure and need help with financing, we offer three different financing options. Care Credit , United Medical Credit and Be Well medical financing . The most widely know option is CareCredit and it works like a credit card which can be used for healthcare but is just for healthcare. Be Well and United Medical financing options that work a little bit differently and but each has it own advantages. Each of the of the financing options take just a few short moments to fill out.

Many of patients find the financing options to be very helpful for Vein or Cosmetic Procedures that are not covered by insurance. The only time liposuction may be partially covered by health insurance is when it is used for the treatment of Lipedema. A great many people finance Liposuction and other Cosmetic Surgeries. Vein Ablations or Varicose Vein procedure are often cover by insurance but many insurance policies now have high deductible amounts sometimes as high as five thousand dollars. Medical Financing also appeals to patients with fixed budget that want or need the procedure before they have saved up the entire amount for the surgery or treatment.

Be Well will finance either individual surgeries or service packages. They offer a 12 month deferred interest plans that if you pay off within no interest will be charged. They are the lender will fund larger procedure amounts than Care Credit and will finance Treatment Packages . They offer finance options that range from 3 months to 80 months.

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financing for cosmetic procedures, vein treatment, medical bills and liposuctionCareCredit works just like a credit card, but is exclusively for healthcare. Many people find the cosmetic procedures they want — liposuction, for instance — is not covered by insurance. This shouldn’t mean doing without. With low monthly payments every time you use CareCredit, you can use your card over and over. This means you don’t have to put your health and beauty needs on hold until you save up money.

  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • No-Interest financing if paid within 3 months or fixed, low interest financing for up to 60 months (Additional plans may be available)
  • No up-front costs, pre-payment penalties or annual fees

We are pleased to provide patient financing for Cosmetic Surgery procedures through United Medical Credit. You can get more information on their website at United Medical Credit. United Medical Credit offers affordable monthly payments, competitive interest rates, multiple financing plans to choose from and many more! They work with multiple lenders to offer various medical loan options to our patients. United Medical Credit can finance the large balances but will also finance small surgeries.

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