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Laser Lipo and Vein Center Reviews

Laser Lipo and Vein Center Reviews

One of the top ways to distinguish a vein treatment provider from the plethora of options available in your local vicinity, is to research real-life reviews from past clients. At the Laser Lipo and Vein Center, our providers take great pride in 100% customer satisfaction.

We’ve established a range of treatment options, all advanced and effective, for treating vein disease, including spider veins and varicose veins. Patients don’t have to suffer with the ill-effects of these conditions, including pain, or even constant stares. We help you achieve a better quality of life, and our past patients can attest to our success ratings. Read on for more information about our St Louis Laser Vein Center Reviews!

Review Some Of The Testimonials Below:

five starsJeri Zerr
“Dr Wright knew something was seriously wrong and found me the right specialist at Wash U who saw me immediately over a holiday weekend at Dr Wright’s urging. Yep May Thurner Syndrome. Few doctors even know what this life-threatening situation is, far fewer know when to recognize. I now run the DVT & May Thurner Syndrome group here in FB with over 1,000 members with May Thurner Syndrome from all over the globe. I wish we were able to clone Dr Wright, I literally know over a thousand people who could benefit from him being on their team for our unique set of leg vein and leg vascular issues. I sent one of my closest friends to Dr Wright for her leg issues, she cries HAPPY TEARS when she talks about the difference her life has become with his help.

I’m super critical of doctors after so many have blown off my serious leg issues – and worse – Yet Dr Wright is one of the rare gems who honestly, truly, cares.”

five starsJanet F
From the beginning to the end of my visits, the staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr Wright is personable, well qualified, and makes the experience a pleasant one as he listened to my concerns and explained the various treatments. During my treatment, Dr Wright and the staff were highly professional, but included me in the conversation, which made me feel very valued as a client. I have had treatment of my varicose and spider veins, with great result. I love this summer’s shorts season.. have not felt that way for a long time. I will be getting the veins in my hands treated very soon. I can’t wait to see the results! Thanks Laser Lipo and Vein, for helping me renew my confidence by helping me look AND feel better. I highly recommend them.

five starsFred E
Today was my last treatment by Dr. Wright for varicose veins in my right calf. He was able to relieve the pain after the first treatment and, the veins have virtually disappeared. If fear is causing you to put off treatment, don’t wait any longer. […]

five starsJudy B
I have PAD so it is a on going problem that I have. I have gone in with burning and stinging in my legs. They have help me work with the insurance company to help cover the procedures that I needed. After treatment I don’t have the pain any more. […]

five starsC. Schoenholtz
I was very pleased with the service. All of the people are very friendly. I would recommend the Center to my family and friends. […]

five starsDB
Dr Wright and the staff at Laser Lipo and Vein Center are the BEST! I have had leg vein problems for years and have been to numerous doctors all over the St Louis area. Was still not happy with the results I had achieved with these other doctors. […]

five starsE.B.
Had spider veins injected. Everything about the experience was positive. […]

five starsRR

It was a pleasant experience.The staff and Dr. Wright were very professional explaining everything that was happening and doing a very thorough job. […]

five starsFrom Cathy B. on google:
“Excellent service with professional and caring staff.”

five starsFrom Mark A. as posted on the best local reviews website:
“Dr. Wright and his staff demonstrated outstanding patient care from Dr. Wright, receptionist, medical technicians, nurses, and billing. They all showed genuine concern for the patient, friendly, can-do atitudes, highly competent and short wait times. I will recommend Dr. Wright to my family and friends.”

five starsFrom Christina P as posted on the best local reviews website:
“My experience right was great. The staff is always courteous and friendly. The appointment reminders are great and they seem to remember details from one appointment to the next. Dr. Wright is friendly and engages you in conversation throughout the procedure which helps the time go by fast. I am very pleased with the results of the vein treatment in both my legs and have seen great results. I would definitely recommend their practice for your vein needs.”

five starsFrom Jan D as posted on the best local reviews website:
“This group of medical professionals are absolutely the best! They are so caring and Dr. Wright is the sweetest guy. They all take such good care of you. He takes time to listen to you and explain what he will be doing, depending on what procedure you are having done. So if you have been searching for a doctor and just do not know who to go to, look no further, Dr. Wright is it! 100% satisfaction!! Thanks Dr. Wright. You’re the best!”

five starsEP

From the first visit through the most recent one the experience with Dr. Wright and his staff has been excellent concerning quality of care, friendliness of staff and acceptance of insurance. […]

five starsP.B.

I had a great expience at the Laser Lipo vein center. I can finally get to sleep without the nagging ache in my lower leg.[…]

five starsJ.G.

I’m so happy that I found Laser Lipo and Vein Center. I just wonder now why I waited so long to do this. […]

five starsM.S.

I am thrilled with the looks of my legs now. They look so much better and I am not so embarrassed by those ugly veins.[…]

five starsD.B.

Dr Wright and the staff at Laser Lipo and Vein Center are the BEST! I have had leg vein problems for years and have been to numerous doctors all over the St Louis area. Was still not happy with the results I had achieved with these other doctors. […]

five starsFrom Laura M. as posted on the best local reviews website:
“I was so impressed with everything about this office, starting with the open feel in the waiting room (no sliding glass windows!) to the friendly check in desk, but mostly my nurse who did the testing. She was very efficient and explained things better than I’d ever them explained, and joked and chatted appropriately, but with genuineness, not forced falseness like some nurses do. I only saw the doctor for a few minutes but he was very friendly and informative as well. I look forward to having my treatments done!

five starsFrom Clarence D. as posted on the best local reviews website:
“Overall my experiences have been great. Dr. Wright and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous, and I don’t feel like just another number. They take the time to answer my questions and explain things. I would highly recommend Dr. Wright. He is also very respected in his field and that means a lot to me.”

five starsFrom Heather M. as posted on
“I have had problems with spider veins and varicose veins for the past 10 years. This will be the first summer in many years I am looking forward to wearing shorts! Not to mention the pain and swelling my leg, has decreased dramatically! Dr. Wright and his staff have been courteous and professional concerning each procedure. I live three hours away from his office but would do it all over again!”

five starsFrom Claire H. as posted on the best local reviews website:
“I have had acne scars for years. Until now I haven’t been able to find an effective treatment that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Dr. Wright suggested I try the Dermapen. I have had only the first treatment (of three total) and am blown away by the results. I had my full face treated without numbing and was out the door in about twenty minutes. There was very little discomfort and almost no redness. My acne scars are greatly diminished- (some having altogether vanished!) fine lines and wrinkles are disappearing and my skin is noticeably smoother, firmer and tighter. I am ecstatic about my results. Overall, the cost of Dermapen is in my ballpark price-wise, has no downtime, and offers fantastic results. I can’t thank Dr. Wright and his highly skilled team enough for taking the time to cater to patient’s needs and providing outstanding patient satisfaction.”

five stars Kelly K.

“Pain and tightness in left leg has improved a lot, I no longer have any symptoms. Excellent service provided by Dr. Wright. […]

five starsMary N.

“Dr. Wright exceeded my expectations; all of my symptoms of swelling, pain, fatigue and burning have been eliminated. The quality of services provided by Dr. Wright and his staff are excellent. The staff were very helpful.. […]

five starsLillie L.

“My expectations of the surgery were met very well, and considering I didn’t know what to expect, the outcome exceeded my expectations. I’m not nearly as tired as I was when I started the first treatment, the fatigue in my legs is gone…

Amy O.

“Good! EVLT worked! 🙂 Varicose veins are no longer visible and my legs no longer have swelling. Dr. Wright is professional but fun! […]

five starsBarta G.

“My expectations were to be able to quit wearing support hose to work, which I’ve been doing for 30 years, and to relieve the aching and fatigue in my legs. Dr. Wright and his staff FAR exceeded my expectations… […]


five starsFrom Judy S. as posted on City search:
“I love the Laser Lipo and Vein Center Staff. They are the best and I would recommend Dr. Wright and his staff. They are the best and I would definitely recommend anyone check them out! I did have pain in my leg for several years and Dr, Wright and his staff were able to identify medical concerns and medically fix the underlying issues. Thanks to all the staff!”

five starsFrom Patricia B. as posted on the best local reviews website:
“I’m so happy that I found Laser Lipo and Vein Center. I just wonder now why I waited so long to do this. The pain is gone after all the years of suffering from the bad veins. And I can put on shorts of swimsuits now without being concern on how my legs look. The quality of care was excellent and the staff was so caring and friendly. It was a great experience.”

five starsFrom Mitzi S. as posted on the best local reviews website:
“I am thrilled with the looks of my legs bow. They look so much better and I am not so embarrassed by those ugly veins. Everyone in the office is so nice from the front desk to the doctor and nurses. I always look forward to my appointments. Mitzi S.”

five starsFrom Elissa M, as posted on the local reviews website:
“Send this to all the review sites! I absolutely love Dr. Wright and his nurses. Friends of mine made comments about my legs, many made really ugly comments about them. Some were concerned about my veins, others just made comments. I wore capris and pants for long dresses for years. I had gone to another doctor and had an evaluation but I didn’t have anything done about the veins. I just was worried about the insurance coverage. Several years later, I had an insurance that I could rely on, and went to see Dr. Wright. The nurses who evaluated me were amazing and the staff was wonderful. I had the ugliest varicose veins for about 17 years. I have had four children and at child 3, the veins really started to show up. I was embarrassed and I never wanted to wear anything that would show my legs. I went to Dr. Wright and he treated both of my legs with laser and then followed up with the sclera. He is amazing. He has a lovely bed side manner and makes such an effort to make us feel comfortable with sense of humor and his obvious love for what he does and the appreciation for his patients. I am sorry that my treatment is over and I would love to have something else that I could go to him for to have treated. I do, I’m sure, I just don’t think that the insurance would cover it. I adore Dr. Wright. He is thoughtful, personable, funny and genuine. He really should be a cancer doctor or someone who really needs to show a lot of compassion, because he does. He’s really a great guy. Go see him, I feel you will be very pleased with the results! I am so thrilled and grateful for my results!”

five starsVicky E.

“My expectations were very well met; my left leg is beginning to heal and there is very little pain when standing.. […]

five starsPhyllis C.

“I expected to have the pain in my leg removed by the EVLT procedure and it was! I currently have no pain!..[…]

five starsDonna A.

“I really wanted to get rid of my varicose veins and my needs were very well met. My symptoms have improved but I still have a little bit of numbness in the upper part of my thigh… […]

five starsMargaret N.

“I give them a +10 everything so far has been wonderful and I can’t wait to come back in 6 months. I have no more pain. Dr. Wright explained everything thoroughly and the team was extremely supportive and calmed my fears. […]

five starsLisa S.

“My goals were to minimize pain, swelling, and possibly improve the apperance in my legs. With the help of Dr. Wright… […]

five starsMary S.

“I have less leg cramps, less throbbing and, I sleep better. Dr. Wright is very gentle and caring. He is concerned about comfort of his patients and gives an easy feeling. […]

five starsBarb F.

“My expectations were very low because I’ve had vein procedures done in the past and was not expecting great results. Now, my legs are feeling really good. It is nice not to have purple ankles that itched all the time.. […]

five starsJanet L.
“Dr. Wright and his staff are excellent, helpful, and supportive. I am getting my veins treated and taken care of. I am still healing but everything is going good.” […]

five starsSharon R.
“My expectations were to get relief from fatigue and have the valve leaking repaired and I was very satisfied that my expectations were met. Now I have much less fatigue.. […]

five starsAnonymous
“After having the EVLT procedure I have no pain now, even after being on my feet for long periods of time during the day. The procedure was performed without any complications and was painless.. […]

Shari M.
“Thanks to Dr. Wright I have no symptoms of pain. I can stand for long periods… […]

Summary of Vein Reviews

To secure even more patient trust and loyalty, we’ve asked some of our patients to send in video recordings of their experience with us.

Need to find out even more ratings? Check other credible online sources, that aren’t affiliated with us, including the BBB, Yelp, Google Reviews, The Yellow Pages, and other popular sources.

We urge our clients to do their due diligence when signing up for any type of cosmetic treatment, whether this is sclerotherapy, or liposuction.

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What To Expect

From our own director’s perspective and testimonial:

You don’t have to bear the pain and suffering, or fear having vein disease any longer. With more improved techniques, that are also FDA-cleared and clinically proven, we can help you decrease the size of varicose veins, from the inside-out.

If you only suffer from superficial veins that protrude and cause a great deal of apprehension to wear certain clothing, we can help decrease their appearance, improve your confidence, and make you look years younger.

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