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ABC’s of Mole Changes

Worried about that mole on your arm? Not quite sure if it’s benign or cancerous? You’re not alone. Though most moles are quite benign and are nothing to worry about, certain moles are something that must be checked out – else, you may find out before it’s too late. To help determine whether or not you need to go to your dermatologist for a skin cancer check, here are the ABC’s of Mole Changes!

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ABC’s of Mole Changes

If you experience any of these changes, please schedule a Mole Check

A for Asymmetry

The mole is not roun, typically growing more on one side than the other

B is Border Irregularity

This is when the border of the mole is scalloped or rough, instead of smooth.

C is for Color Change

The mole is more than one color or unusual colors, like red or purple

D is for Diameter

The Diameter of the mole is larger than half an inch

E is for Evolving

The mole is changing or transforming in size, border, and color over time