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A Tale of Two Cities: What People Research When It Comes to Cosmetic Procedures

A recent study done by the website RealSelf showed the differences in preferences for cosmetic surgery between Los Angeles and New York City. The data for this study was collected from January 1 through June 30, 2015. The data collected came from page views on various topics on the RealSelf site.

LA is On Top for Breast Augmentation.

Los Angelenos showed a higher level of interest in breast augmentation, including implants, than did their New York counterparts. Approximately 31 page views were made for this type of surgery for every 100 LA citizens, and reflects a number nearly twice as high as those from New York.

LA and NYC Both Like Big Butts

While both cities showed a high interest in butt augmentations, New Yorkers showed a higher level of interest in Brazilian Butt Lifts using fat transfer. While Los Angelenos also wanted bigger butts, they more frequently check other options such as traditional butt implants.

New Yorkers Like Fat Sculpting and Contouring

According to the study, New Yorkers looked at pages concerning liposculpture at a rate that was four times higher than those from Los Angeles. Perhaps the New Yorkers want to remove that excess fat through liposculpture to be used in a fat-transfer butt augmentation?

LA is Still No. 1

While the study does show that interest in cosmetic procedures is increasing in New York, Los Angeles still dominates for the number of elective procedures. It’s interesting to note that Los Angeles has half the population base of New York City, but its interest level for these beauty procedures is at the same or often higher than that of New York.

Of the RealSelf audience that was studied, LA had more men than NYC — about a quarter of the website traffic from LA was men, while it was approximately 23 percent in NYC. However, the New York audience was slight younger, with nearly two thirds being under the age of 34.

Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director at Laser Lipo and Vein Center says, “I find this data to be very interesting. It is fascinating to see the numbers from the two different Coasts.”

He continues, “In my experience, St. Louis is right in the middle of LA and NYC and the demands for cosmetic procedures and the popularity of certain procedures is split in the middle.”