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Why You Need a Salt Facial This Fall

The summer months are finally coming to a close. With the bright sun comes plenty of sun damage that negatively affect your skin. Now is the perfect time to explore one of newest trends in facials, a salt facial. This treatment helps exfoliate your skin with natural-based sea salt. Here is why you need a salt facial this fall:

What is a Salt Facial?

Salt facials are a recently developed facial that combines ultrasound technology, LED light therapy, and exfoliation that uses a sea-salt base. This three-step facial helps make your skin look younger and feel great, too. Patients are given an aluminum alloy that exfoliates their skin while the sea salt helps smooth out the top layer. Next the ultrasound technology is used right after the exfoliation step to help your skin get back all the necessary nutrients it lost. Not only will your skin get the necessary nutrients it needs, but it will also feel healthier with stimulated collagen growth. Last but not least, the LED light therapy finishes off the procedure, reducing any redness or swelling and promoting further collagen production.

Results of a Salt Facial

Patients who receive a salt facial will begin to see results immediately following the first treatment. Treatments can be safely repeated for continued results.

Candidates for Salt Facials

Certain dermatology treatments may not be ideal for all skin types depending on the technology used during the procedure. Fortunately, a salt facial can be enjoyed by individuals of all skin types! Salt facials help improve skin tone, texture, and color and will have your skin looking noticeably healthier.

Results of Salt Facials

As mentioned, patients can expect to see results immediately after their salt facial treatment. This incredible treatment benefits all skin types and has virtually no downtime. No harmful chemicals will be used on your skin, so do not expect any negative side effects. Now is the perfect time for a salt facial to help your skin look and feel its best after the hot summer months. Help your skin exfoliate after the harsh UV rays of summer.

Salt Facials with Laser Lipo & Vein Center

Don’t waste another minute and call to schedule your salt facial today! Help your skin look and feel its best for the upcoming fall and winter seasons with this quick and easy treatment. Call for your consultation today and find out more on how a salt facial can help you.