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Why We Use Puregraft for Fat Grafting Procedures & Fat Transfer in St Louis

When looking to receive a fat grafting procedure you will want only the best for yourself. Many cosmetic treatments can vary between the type of procedure you elect to have. For fat grafting procedures, we only use the best and stick with Puregraft. This recently developed fat grafting procedure is the safest and most reliable form of this type of treatment. Fat grafting is a great procedure to help enhance the breasts or buttocks but can often see fat tissue reabsorbed back into the body, resulting in less noticeable results. Puregraft is able to avoid these drawbacks and provide you with the results you want. Here is why we use Puregraft for all of our fat grafting procedures:

Clinically Engineered

Having a treatment tested and engineered is the best way to lead to success. Puregraft is the only fat grafting procedure that is clinically validated for humans and is FDA cleared. The researchers behind Puregraft have worked tirelessly to have a fat grafting system that is able to remove more than 97% of contaminants from your fat tissue. These contaminants can include blood, oil, fluids, and fragmented cells which impact the regenerative properties of your fat tissue. Puregraft uses a state-of-the-art filtration system that keeps these contaminants out.

One System, One Procedure

Puregraft also uses a single closed system for the entire procedure. Other fat grafting systems require transfers and multiple devices to complete the treatment. This allows for the possibility of contamination and will greatly impact your success for the procedure. Puregraft eliminates this risk by using one single system for your fat grafting treatment.

No Size Too Big

This closed system also allows for larger fat transfer in St Louis procedures to be completed in the office. Puregraft makes it easier and safer for larger procedures to be completed with confidence.

Available to More Individuals

By using a simple system with a state-of-the-art filtration system, Puregraft allows us to complete more fat grafting procedures in a single day than with other systems. This allows us to provide greater flexibility to our patients and provide the tailored experience we are known for in the cosmetic community.

Trust Us with Your Fat Grafting Procedure

If you have any questions about Puregraft, make sure to give us a call and schedule your free consultation today. We will walk you through this incredible procedure and the benefits it can provide for your fat grafting treatment. Check out all of our cosmetic services today!