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Why Fad Cosmetic Surgeries Are Bad and What to Avoid

People are always looking for shortcuts to beauty, whether it is surgery, magic pills, or secret potions to make you look younger. People will always strive to look younger, better, and more beautiful. Many cosmetic procedures are available to help with this quest, but there are also a lot of surgeries that do more harm than good.

Since its inception, the cosmetic industry has been plagued with certain cure-all procedures that claim to make you a better version of yourself. Although some surgeries can aide in your quest, we think you should avoid these fad surgeries that could end up harming your beautiful look.


Lipodissolve is a treatment that involves a drug mixture injected into the body with a goal of melting or dissolving body fat without invasive surgery like liposuction. The issue with this fad surgery is that the procedure has not been approved by the US FDA. The FDA has even gone so far as warning consumers about the safety of the procedure. The FDA states that it has not been evaluated and not sure about its long-term effect on your body. Complications and side effects of the procedure include permanent scarring, skin deformation, and deep, painful knots under the skin.

Breast Augmentation Shots

Breast augmentation shots involve injecting saline directly into the breasts to temporarily expand their size. The procedure only lasts 24 hours but is considered far less risky and invasive than typical surgeries. This may sound like a great way to increase your size temporarily, but the medical community is still undecided about the merits of the procedure. Furthermore, the cost is almost equivalent to augmentation. The shots generally cost from 2500 to 3500 dollars for a temporary effect.

Butt Implants

Buttock augmentation surgery uses implants to increase the size of your buttocks. Although this procedure has gained in popularity, there is a long list of complications that can occur from this procedure. Along with infection, scarring, and nerve damage, candidates also run the risk of rupture and migration due to the heavy wear our buttocks receives on a daily basis.

Cosmetic Procedures with Laser Lipo and Veins

Although these may seem like valid ways to help us look better on the surface, we need to look at the proven methods before relying on a fad surgery to fix the issues we have with our bodies. Contact Laser Lipo and Veins today to schedule a complementary appointment and discuss safe, effective methods for cosmetic change.