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Ways to Maintain Results After Liposuction

Liposuction is an incredible procedure that can safely remove large stores of fat tissue that you have been unable to lose through diet and exercise. However, liposuction is not a permanent solution, and patients can easily gain all of that weight back if they are not careful. Here are several ways for you to maintain your liposuction results:

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are primarily made of water, and it can help you keep your results following liposuction. By drinking water, you can make your body feel fuller before meals, reduce your appetite, and help your body burn additional calories. People who tend to drink lots of water also have a lower body mass index.


Many patients who receive liposuction are those who were unable to lose fat after trying their hardest to lose it themselves through rigorous exercise. While you may need to wait several weeks before you can work out again, depending on your physician’s recommendation, keeping a consistent routine will be beneficial.

Stay Active

Another helpful way to keep your liposuction results is by staying active. Make sure you get up and move for 30 minutes when sitting down for long periods of time, or purchase a standing desk and complete as much work from here as possible. Avoid the elevator and make sure to take the stairs. By staying active you are encouraging your body to work harder.

Reduce Stress When Possible

It is easier said than done, but avoiding stress is beneficial to the body. Most individuals end up gaining weight when they are experiencing prolonged stress. Try to keep things positive in your life and avoid focusing on the negative. By being mindful of yourself, you can avoid any unhealthy choices that can further impact your body.

Keep a Diet

Perhaps the greatest recommendation of all is maintaining a healthy diet. Avoid eating high-calorie and high-fat food that will only promote the growth of fat cells in places you do not want them. Eat many fruits and vegetables and choose low-fat meats and food.

Choosing Laser Lipo and Vein Center for the Best Liposuction Results

If you have any questions on ways to help keep your liposuction results, please do not hesitate to call. The Laser Lipo and Vein Center specializes in making sure our patients keep their results for as long as possible. Call us for your free consultation today and see how Dr. Wright and his team can help you lose any unwanted fat.