Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Symptoms of Varicose Veins | St Louis

How to Know if you have Varicose Veins

In addition to the appearance of colored — often blue or purple, sometimes greenish –  knotted veins, many patients may experience one or more of the following symptoms of varicose veins:

  • Pain or discomfort. This is usually described as an aching or cramping feeling in the calf or thigh. It also can be described as a throbbing sensation in one or both legs. Heaviness and tiredness are the two most commonly reported symptoms from varicose veins.
  • Burning or tingling sensations in the leg. These altered or “funny feelings” are often confused with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).
  • Swelling of the legs. Venous insufficiency which causes varicose veins is the most common cause of leg swelling. Vein problems are 8 to 10 times more likely to cause swelling in the legs than all other causes combined.
  • Tender areas around the veins. These can occur early on in with the development of varicose veins. All of the symptoms of varicose veins usually progress over time without treatment.
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Why Address Varicose Vein Symptoms?

If you experience varicose veins symptoms and delay varicose vein treatment, your symptoms may progress onward to more serious complications. These symptoms may also have an effect on your life and lifestyle, making your job more painful or exercise more difficult. A common complaint we hear is that the symptoms of vein disease keep people from a good night’s sleep. We also often hear of the discomfort associated with swollen legs and the self-consciousness and difficulty of leg swelling. These are real and common problems. There is no reason to leave veins untreated and continue to suffer the negative impact of varicose vein symptoms. Varicose vein treatment is easy, and left untreated, veins may proceed and develop complications.

The most serious complications of vein disease are phlebitis or thrombosis of veins.

  • Phlebitis involves inflammation of a vein caused by a blood clot inside. With superficial phlebitis, the clot is in a vein just below the surface of the skin.
  • Blood clot or Deep Vein Thrombosis, DVT, is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep in the body. Most deep vein clots occur in the lower leg or thigh. A deep vein thrombosis can break loose and cause a serious problem in the lung, called a pulmonary embolism, or a heart attack or stroke. Symptoms include warmth and tenderness over the vein, pain or swelling in the part of the body affected, skin redness.
  • Ankle sores or skin ulcers also can be caused by varicose veins and vein disease. Ulcers are wounds or open sores that will not heal or keep returning. Ulcers may or may not be painful. Often there is some reddish or brown discoloration, and or dry, scaly skin around the ulcer.
  • Varicose veins may also cause bleeding. This bleeding can be difficult to control and may require emergency room (ER) or hospital treatment.

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I Have Varicose Vein Symptoms, What Now?

Vein disease is diagnosed by a history of symptoms (like some of the above varicose veins symptoms) and a physical exam which explores the signs of venous disease, plus a Doppler Ultrasound exam of the veins of the legs.
The test is performed with an ultrasound machine while you are standing upright, which is the best way to assess the function of your veins. A water-soluble gel is placed on your legs to enhance soundwave reception. A handheld device called a transducer or probe is moved over the leg being tested. As the transducer follows the course of the veins, it sends and collects sound wave information to assess the anatomy and flow of blood in the veins.

There is little or no discomfort associated with this test. Normal results show the blood in veins flows well with augmentation or compression of the calf and stops quickly after the augmentation is over. There are no risks associated with this procedure.

You will need to remove clothing from the extremity being examined. You can bring your own shorts or we will provide shorts.

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 Before and After St Louis Varicose Veins Treatment
Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

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Varicose Veins Symptom Relief – The “Wright” Way

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