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Top Alternatives to Breast Lifts

Sagging or drooping breasts can take away your self-confidence and sex appeal, leaving you to spend the summers in pants and long-sleeves instead of enjoying that bikini on the beach. Breast lifts, or mastopexies, were initially the only option around to help make your breasts appear perkier and youthful, but they leave you with visible scars. Now, with today’s state-of-the-art surgical procedures, you can have the perky breasts you have been craving without all the scarring. Here are some of the safest and most reliable options to get younger looking breasts. Breast Augmentation In St. Louis MO has a solution for everyone!

Botox Lift

Once of the most common breast lift alternatives around is the Botox breast lift. This procedure uses Botox, which is typically used for removing frown or brow lines. It is injected into chest muscles to compensate for saggy breasts by lifting them up higher. This procedure is surgery free with no lasting scars. However, this procedure typically only shows temporary results that last around four months. Lastly, Botox has yet to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for breast lifting procedures.

Breast Tite

BodyTite has become one of today’s most popular contouring procedures to reduce excess fat without the unwanted side effects of saggy skin. Now, the BodyTite procedure is available to help contour breasts by tightening the skin and lifting the breast by a few inches; additionally, it won’t leave a scar! This is a great option for any ladies looking for a modest lift, and like the Breform, only requires local anesthesia. Patients can even resume normal everyday activities immediately following the procedure, with strenuous exercises cautioned for the first week.

Breast Lift Alternatives Easy to Receive, Easy to Recover

These breast lift alternatives are a great option for younger looking breasts without going under the knife! Surgical procedures are becoming increasingly safe to receive with the country’s professionally trained surgeons. Reach out to Laser Lipo and Veins today to discuss your options for BreastTite procedures that will guarantee younger, perkier breasts with none of the dragged out recovery times!