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Best Skin Tag Removal

Best Skin Tag Removal in St. Louis

Skin tags are very common among people of all ages. They can suddenly develop on both men and women at any stage in life. Though some are small enough to go virtually unnoticed, many others present an undesirable feature that tends to be a source of embarrassment. For those who express self-consciousness about the way their skin tags look and make them feel, Laser Lipo and Vein Center offers professional skin tag removal that will provide instant relief.


What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are growths of skin that appear on the body in various sizes that are believed to be caused by friction from skin rubbing against other skin. They usually take on a ball-like appearance that dangles from the skin. There is no health concern associated with skin tags since they are benign and painless, but cosmetically, they can be bothersome. They may materialize in places where there are creases or folds in the skin, such as the neck, under the arms, groin, and eyelids, either as a single tag or in a cluster.

How Are They Removed?

When skin tags are removed by a medical professional, there are a few different methods that might be used. These include freezing them off with liquid nitrogen, burning them with electric cautery, cutting them off with medical-grade scissors, or laser skin tag removal.

It should be noted that, although there are several home remedies that can be found for do-it-yourself skin tag removal, it is not recommended that anyone go this route. This is because, without the right tools, sterile equipment, and medical knowledge, the procedure can turn out to be extremely painful and the area can become easily infected.

Should They Be Removed?

The most common reason people have skin tags removed is because of their disagreeable appearance. In rare cases, they may require removal after turning red or black, signaling bleeding or death of the skin tissue. There are also times that they can get caught on clothing, seatbelts, or jewelry and get a little irritated or cause slight discomfort, but skin tag removal is still considered a cosmetic procedure. If you’re looking for the best skin tag removal services, contact Laser Lipo & Vein Center today!

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