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The Importance of Paying Attention to Mole, Sun Damage, or Birthmarks

The Importance of Paying Attention to Mole, Sun Damage, or Birthmarks In St.Louis

Many people have questions about moles and other skin growths and conditions such as sun damage and birthmarks. Often, people are concerned with whether a mole may be cancerous. This is important for those in high risk groups, such as those with fairer skin or who have a family history of skin cancer. Fortunately, Dr. Wright– one of the most experienced Dermatologists in St. Louis – can help. Continue reading for more information about mole removal in St. Louis.

What are Moles?

Moles are a group of pigmented cells that are usually small, dark spots; however, they can come in other colors and sizes. Moles usually develop during childhood and most people have between 10 and 40 moles

mole on cindy crawford's face
Cindy Crawford has one of the world’s most famous moles.

Moles that are stable and size and color do not need to be biopsied or removed.  There are many reasons one might want to have these non-changing moles removed, including discomfort or just because they are simply unattractive. Often, moles, especially those that are raised, can catch on jewelry or clothing. Additionally, some moles can appear in areas such as the face where they are unsightly.   However, moles that are growing in size, changing color, developing irregular borders should be checked by a doctor and possibly biopsied or removed. More information on how to perform a <mole check. See ABCD of mole changes, to learn more about what changes to look for.

Sun Damage

brownish color from sun damage solor lentigos solor lentigos sun damage
Brownish spots – also known as solar or senile lentigines – from sun damage.
Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Another common skin condition is sun damage to the skin. Sun damage can often cause skin to become less that youthful looking. Sun damage can lead to leathery, wrinkled skin and discolored skin with brownish, reddish spots or macules/ spots. Additionally, sun damage is known to be a factor in skin cancers. Early skin damage can be prevented by proper sun protection, including avoiding the sun during 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., wearing protective clothing, and of course, using the best sunscreen.

Birth Marks

Most birthmarks, such as the common port wine stains and strawberry marks, carry no risk of developing into a cancer. But a very rare type of birthmark, called a congenital giant melanocytic nevus, can develop into a melanoma. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer.

birthmark before birthmark removal

Birthmark or Benign Congenital Nevus

Many people are concerned about whether a mole or other skin damage is cancerous. Dr. Wright is a dermatologist in St. Louis who can evaluate moles to determine if they might have suspicious changes that require a biopsy or removal. He can help you set up a regular routine of self-exams that can catch any potential changes in your moles. He can also schedule a regular annual exam that will be a more in-depth look at your moles. Additionally, because he is a skilled cosmetic surgeon, he can help with other skin conditions that are preventing you from looking your best.

If you are seeking mole removal in St. Louis contact the professionals at Laser Lipo and Vein Center. We have a full range of services and procedures that can help you evaluate your skin conditions, whether they are medical or cosmetic. We want to ensure that you have the very best procedures for any skin condition.

Why you should Avoid Skin Sun Damage


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