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Dermatitis Treatment

Dermatitis Treatment in St. Louis

Dermatitis treatment can soothe troublesome symptoms

Dermatitis is an extremely common skin condition amongst men and women that presents with a variety of symptoms and can range from mild to severe depending on the potential cause. Some individuals suffering from dermatitis will experience a mild rash potentially caused by an allergic reaction to something as simple as new laundry detergent. Others with dermatitis may find themselves dealing with a severe case of inflammation accompanies by blisters and itching bumps that are frustrating and painful. All skin rashes tend to come with a certain level of discomfort and in the majority of cases, dermatitis will appear across the face, hands, arms, and legs. The placement of these rashes and unpredictability of breakouts can make push patients to look for a quick solution. Fortunately, there are a number of options when it comes to reducing or eliminating symptoms of dermatitis.

Identifying Different Types of Dermatitis

Dermatitis comes in a variety of forms and while an official diagnosis is key, it’s helpful to be able to see the differences for yourself when catching Dermatitis early on. The most common form of the condition is known as Contact Dermatitis. Patients suffering from Contact Dermatitis often present with red and inflamed skin across the body. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a second form of the condition that frequently presents as scaly patches across the scalp. Patients who have recently undergone surgical procedures are prone to developing Nummular Dermatitis which shows up as round or oval sores on the arms and legs. Stasis Dermatitis is a chronic form of the condition which is linked to an underlying vein disease. Atopic Dermatitis, commonly referred to as Eczema, is prevalent among children and adults alike and presents with scaly red skin that itches but is fortunately easily treatable.

In fact, with the exception of Stasis Dermatitis, the vast majority of these forms of Dermatitis are curable and can be treated to reduced or eliminate painful and frustrating symptoms. Catching symptoms early on is a great way to stay ahead of Dermatitis getting out of hand or developing into a more concerning skin condition later on.

Options for Dermatitis Treatment

Dermatitis treatment very much depends on the form the condition has taken and the severity of symptoms. Because Contact Dermatitis is often associated with an allergic reaction, the best form of treatment comes down to pinpointing the allergen. If it happens to be a result of a new laundry detergent or soap, a physician will recommend a patient immediately stop using that particular brand and will often suggest switching to a hypoallergenic version instead. Those individuals struggling with Seborrheic Dermatitis will often find relief from symptoms using topical oils or lotions. Nummular Dermatitis is frequently treated with a combination of specialized lotions, bandages to cover sores as well as antihistamines to reduce swelling. Patients with Stasis Dermatitis will work closely with an attending physician to diagnose the underlying vein condition or insufficiency and will likely be recommended to wear strategic compression garments to promote healthy blood flow and reduce painful symptoms.

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Successfully Dermatitis treatment comes down to finding and sticking with a physician who understands skincare on an intricate level. More often than not, treatment options for Dermatitis require a customized approach as the reasons behind the development of this condition can be vast and varied. When it comes to comprehensive skincare that takes patient preference and comfort level into consideration, nobody does it better than the team of professionals at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center. Led by Dr. Wright, our clinic strives to provide each and every patient with comprehensive care that looks closely at personal medical background as well as results that are aligned with a patient’s cosmetic goals. At the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center, we understand that skin conditions are closely linked with a sense of self. We’re here to help every patient find the confidence they deserve by putting a personalized treatment plan into place after thorough review and consideration of a patient’s preferences.

Whether you think you may be suffering from Dermatitis or are considering a place to have annual skin checks performed, Dr. Wright and his team bring the professional experience and care you require. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Wright and begin your path to change. When it comes to financing skin treatment and services, our clinic is happy to offer patients a variety of financing and payment plan solutions to fit your timeline and budget. We can’t wait to welcome you to our clinic and help you find your way to healthy change!

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