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Skin Conditions: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

We look at our skin every day and maybe even take care of it with some kind of lotion or cream. With how much interaction our skin has with our everyday activities, there is a lot most do not know about it. Take a look at these three things you may have not known about your skin:

One of Our Largest and Heaviest Organs in Our Body

When we think of our body’s organs, we typically think of internal organs such as our hearts, lungs, and liver. Skin is the largest organ on our bodies by quite the stretch. In fact, our skin is approximately 22 square feet in size. Due to its size, skin typically accounts for 16% of our body weight. Some individuals may not place as great of a value on their skin, thinking it is a minor part of their body. It is always important to keep in mind that having healthy skin is just as important as other medical conditions.

Three Layers, One Skin

If you have ever received a paper cut or sliced of a small chunk of your outer skin, you have probably seen that there is another layer right below the surface. Our skin is not just a single layer but in fact three different layers. The epidermis is our outermost skin layer and is what you see on your body every day. This layer is crucial is protecting your body from the natural environment. Our second layer is known as the dermis and takes up approximately 90 percent of our skin’s thickness. The bottom or innermost layer of our skin is the subcutis and is primarily comprised of collagen and fat tissue. Collagen is the substance that helps make our skin stretch and retain its shape.

The Most Common Skin Conditions

Our skin is susceptible to a variety of conditions but one of the most common skin conditions one is acne. While that may not be surprising, you may not have known that acne can even affect babies. This is due to the mother’s hormones that are still present in the baby’s bloodstream.

The Skin Care Help You Need

If you have any further questions about your skin or are looking for skin care help, make sure to call the Laser Lipo & Vein Center. Our trusted staff will help you understand your skin better and create a care plan based around your personal needs.