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Lipedema Exercise and Nutrition: Self-Care

Lipedema is a debilitating condition that develops in approximately 11% of all women in the world. This chronic condition occurs when fat cells build up to abnormally large volumes in the thighs and legs. While lipedema primarily only impacts women, it has been seen in a very rare set of cases in men. While the causes of lipedema are still unknown, research has found that it usually develops during or after puberty. Unfortunately, there is no cure for lipedema, but there are several life choices that can help with minimizing the pain and swelling associated with this disease. Most lipedema patients are advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise on a consistent schedule.

Lipedema Nutrition

Eating well will not cure lipedema, but knowing the best lipedema nutrition can help prevent any further damage to your body. A variety of foods can cause inflammation that needs to be maintained, especially for lipedema patients. It is recommended to enjoy colorful vegetables and foods that are low in carbohydrates and sugar. By staying away from carbs and sugar, you can help keep down your non-lipedema fat.

Following a Consistent Exercise Regime

Lipedema can make it painful and difficult to perform the more strenuous exercises you may have done in the past. It is still important to make sure you move your limbs to open up your lymphatic flow and ease swelling. Some options of light lipedema exercise can be done with patients, including: water exercises, elliptical, dancing, pilates, walking, resistance-band training, cycling, and yoga. Heavy weight lifting and running should be avoided due to the stress it will place on your legs. Eating well and working out are conservative treatments that can help you manage your lipedema.

Getting Help for Lipedema from the Laser Vein Center

Eating well and maintaining a regular exercise regimen will help prevent any future inflammation and keep down non-lipedema fat. Unfortunately, these recommendations will not cure lipedema, only help you keep off non-lipedema fat. More aggressive treatments are available to help reduce the appearance of lipedema, such as water assisted liposuction and lymph sparing liposuction. The Laser Lipo and Vein Center has been providing these treatments for years with top customer satisfaction. Call our offices today to schedule your free consultation and see how water assisted liposuction and lymph sparing liposuction can help you manage your lipedema.

infographic about lipedema self-care tips