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Scarless Breast Reduction

Scarless Breast Reduction

In life there are people who are blessed, there are people who may have to struggle for everything they get, and then there are those who are blessed with an abundance that may end up being a curse. We’re talking about, of course, large-breasted women (and even men who suffer from gynecomastia). The general public may feel that large breasts are a dream come true, but the reality involves back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and having to spend a lot of money on industrial bras that aren’t attractive or feminine.

If your bra straps leave an indention in your shoulders, or at the end of the day it feels as if your neck and back have been put through the wringer, chances are you have breasts that are too large and are considering breast reduction. Surgery, however, comes with a host of problems and possible complications, which is why many of our patients consider BreastTite or BreastTite combined with liposuction for their breast reduction needs and as one of the best breast reduction alternatives.

Why Women Want Breast Reduction Treatment

Breast reduction surgery is meant for women who have large breasts and want to resolve issues such as:

  • Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain that requires pain medications
  • Chronic rash or skin irritation under the breasts
  • Nerve pain
  • Restricted activity
  • Poor self-image related to large breasts
  • Difficulty fitting into bras and clothing

Breast reduction surgery generally isn’t recommended for you if you:

  • Smoke
  • Have certain conditions such as diabetes or heart problems
  • Are very obese

Not Just for Breast Lifts

Because the BreastTite procedure uses radiofrequency energy waves to tighten loose skin and lift drooping breasts, many people may not realize it can be a beneficial breast reduction tool as well. Using only a local anesthetic and a very small cannula, the doctor can also melt excess fat under the skin at the same time he is sculpting and contouring the breast. For ladies with larger breasts, BreastTite can be combined with liposuction of the breast to remove more excess fatty tissue in the breast. Additionally, with both procedures, there is no scarring created, as no incisions are being made. This procedure takes about 40 to 45 minutes to complete, and in addition to lifting the breasts one to two inches, it can also reduce the breast cup size or two.

Women with extra-large and droopy breasts may not qualify for the procedure, but those that meet the qualifications are singing the praises of the BreastTite breast reduction. Afterward, you can expect redness, swelling, and a brief vacation from normal life activities; patients can expect to take at least a week off work but will be able to return to regular activities within three to four days.

Can Liposuction Really Work for Breast Reduction?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately over the idea of a Scarless Breast Reduction and if it is truly “scarless”. This is a catchy phrase, but it isn’t really describing a new technique. Instead,  Scarless Breast Reduction refers to the idea of using liposuction as a tool for breast reduction and combining it with skin tightening rather than the traditional open surgical approach to breast reduction. Is this method really that effective?

Scarless Breast Reduction Works For Many Women

Scarless Breast Reduction works best for women with more fatty tissue in their breasts. Liposuction removes fatty tissue from the breast effectively. Women have different amounts of adipose or fatty tissue in the breasts. Factors such as genetics, age, and body weight all play a role in the amount of fat in a woman’s breast. Women who genetically have less dense and more fatty breasts, heavier women, and older women all have more fat tissue in their breasts. As we age, the breast glandular tissue decreases, and the fat content of breasts increases. The more fat in the breast the greater the reduction in the breast size from the liposuction. 

Can Scarless Breast Reduction Result in a Breast Lift? 

Scarless Breast Reduction is usually a combination of two procedures, liposuction and skin tightening. The liposuction as discussed above removes fat from the breasts. This results in lighter or less heavy breasts, which gives a small but noticeable lift to the breasts. The second part of the scarless breast lift is a minimally invasive skin tightening. In the last 5-10 years, a new and potentially game-changing skin tightening technology called Renuvion has been developed. 

This technology uses Radio Frequency energy combined with Helium gas to create brief plasma energy that safely tightens tissue. The Renuvion cannula goes through the same small puncture holes that are created for the liposuction and it delivers the plasma energy evenly through the subcutaneous tissue, which sets into motion a cascade of processes that lead to tightening of the subcutaneous tissue over the next six to twelve months. So, yes! Scarless Breast Reduction does lift and reduce breast tissue. 

Scarless Breast Reduction vs. Open Surgical Breast Reduction (Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery)

Studies have shown that the combination of liposuction and Radio Frequency skin tightening can result in up to two-thirds the tightening you’d experience in an open surgical lift. However, liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening will not give you as much lift as an open surgical breast lift. For very large or very saggy breasts, the open surgical breast reduction is usually the best option, as it can give the largest reduction and greatest lift. Open Surgical Breast Reduction and Minimally Invasive or Scarless Breast Reduction both have advantages.

Advantages of Open Surgical Breast Reduction (Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery)

  • This breast surgery gives the biggest lift to the breasts. Ideal for very large or very pendulous or “droopy” breasts.
  • Can remove most breast tissue. Ideal for very large breasts that need the largest reduction. 

Disadvantages of Open Surgical Breast Reduction (Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery)

Surgical Scars on the breast, some of which are completely unavoidable. No matter what surgical technique is used there are always at least some small scars on the breast. Some studies report up to 53% of breast reduction have some minor complications.[1, 2]

Frequent Minor Complications of Open Surgical Breast Reduction (Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery)

  • Loss of the nipple or delayed healing
  • Loss of sensation in the nipple 
  • Hypopigmented, whitish, patch of the nipple
  • The hyperpigmented, dark, area around the nipple 
  • Poor wound healing incisions, resulting in a large scar
  • Nipple malposition
  • Infection
  • Hematoma 
  • Skin Loss 

Advantages of Scarless Breast Reduction:

  • Little or no scarring. 
  • Rapid recovery. 
  • No risk for loss of nipple or nipple sensation.
  • Does not affect breastfeeding. 
  • Lower cost.

Disadvantages of Scarless Breast Reduction

  • A smaller reduction in size
  • The lift of the breast is not as significant.
  • Post-operative bruising is common

High Satisfaction with Both Types of Breast Reduction

Breast Lift Surgeries, whether from traditional open surgical reduction or liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening, have high patient satisfaction. Most women who have that despite the high percentage of complications seen with larger open surgical breast reduction there is a high degree of patient satisfaction with the results of the surgery.  Patient satisfaction surveys of 178 women (30 percent response of 600 surveys issued) found an average of 2.8 on a scale of 1 – 3 (i.e., nearly all “definitely agree” that they were satisfied with the procedure). An insignificant difference (p=0.57) exists between total breast tissue removed and patient response  

Moskovitz et al. conducted a survey to know the outcome of the liposuction for breast reduction. The survey revealed that 80% were satisfied with the result and would go on to recommend it to a friend. Thus, it can be considered as an effective method of breast reduction [4].

Why Choose Dr. Wright for Your Breast Reduction Needs?

Your breasts have served you well over the years. Isn’t it time you returned the favor? You don’t want to trust just anyone with your body. You need a doctor who isn’t just educated, skilled, and talented; you need one who takes the time to listen to a patient’s questions and ensures that all fears are 100% addressed. You need Dr. Wright to perform your breast reduction procedure—contact us to schedule a consultation today!


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