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Risk of Traditional Implants Compared to Fat Transfer

Risk of Traditional Implants Compared to Fat Transfer

We’ve previously discussed the issues that accompany women who have an overabundance of breast tissue, but what about the ones who just haven’t been as gifted in that department as others? We live in a world that idolizes large breasted women, but not everyone has developed the way they might have wished. And since breast augmentation is ranked among the top 10 cosmetic procedures in the United States, it’s quite apparent that there are many women out there not satisfied with what nature has gifted them!

before and after implants before and after implants

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Patients considering breast augmentation have multiple choices in the way they enhance their breasts; from saline to silicone to the use of the patient’s own fat, it can be confusing trying to decipher which form is best. We at the Laser Lipo & Veins Center want to be sure our patients remain informed and safe, and this list of the traditional implant risks when compared to fat transfer augmentation is where we will start.

Is it Worth the Risk?

As with any surgical procedure, its important to weigh the risks as opposed to the benefits. Most women do want larger breasts, but standard procedures provide risks that could scare off potential patients. Recent studies have shown that undergoing general anesthesia could cause more complications than we thought, including pneumonia and even mood alterations. Depression is a common symptom after anesthesia, and if the patient is considering a standard implant, general anesthesia is required. Factor in the pain and complications such as capsular contracture, scar tissue, and breasts that can become hardened and misshapen, and it becomes apparent why fat transfer breast augmentation is rapidly becoming the most popular form of augmentation. There is also a rare form of cancer that is caused by breast implants called Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer Augmentation?

In addition to utilizing local anesthetic instead of general anesthesia, the patient will be using her own fat cells. The opportunity to trim off an inch or two of unwanted fat in areas that look less attractive is a boon to many women. A slimmer waist AND bigger breasts? Sign us up immediately! The patient shouldn’t expect a giant change; fat transfer augmentation may only increase a cup size at most, but the appearance is also more natural looking, so weighing the two factors will be important in making the final decision.

before and after augmentation before and after augmentation

The Laser Lipo & Vein Center Considers Your Health First

Not everyone is going to be a good candidate for implant or fat transfer procedures, and after we complete a comprehensive medical exam, we won’t be afraid to tell the patient that either surgery could be a risk to their health. Good candidates have to be in generally good health they need have enough fat to transfer and want only a modest increase in breast size. At the end of the day, our patient’s safety is our first consideration. If you’re considering either of these procedures, give us a call and schedule a consultation with us today!