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5 Reasons to Choose Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is one of the hottest new liposuction techniques due to its many advantages over traditional liposuction. This treatment is perfect for any individual looking to improve their appearance when traditional options such as dieting and exercise have not been successful. This procedure varies from traditional liposuction by using fiber-optic lasers to heat and melt body fat. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider laser liposuction in St Louis for your fat-reduction procedure today!

No More Sagging Skin

One of traditional liposuction’s unwanted side effects is the sagging skin that accompanies a loss of body fat, especially around the stomach area. Medical studies of laser liposuction have shown that 20 to 80 percent skin tightening experienced through this new procedure is far greater skin tightening results than what is to be expected for the amount of fat removed.

Artificial Burn

While the term ‘artificial burn’ does not sound like a positive step of the procedure, it helps your skin tighten up. A different laser wavelength is used to tell the body to release more collagen that causes the skin to tighten up. Your skin will be looking great in no time with laser liposuction’s skin tightening effects.

Quicker Results

Results can typically be noticed after laser liposuction procedures in as little as a week. Traditional liposuction results can vary, but usually, results show in two to four weeks. The cause of quicker results is the collagen production during the procedure. Patients can typically return to their everyday activities in three to five days.

Less Traumatic to Your Body

Laser liposuction is a great choice for fat reduction procedures due to it being less traumatic to the body. Traditional liposuction has a small incision made into the body, through which the fat removed through a vacuum-like device. While laser liposuction has a similar tool to remove the fat once it has been melted, the body does not respond as traumatically to the procedure.

Remove More Fat at Once

Another benefit of choosing laser liposuction in St Louis over traditional procedures is the possibility to remove more fat during a single procedure. Less blood loss occurs during laser liposuction due to the laser drying up blood vessels. With less blood loss means a greater opportunity to remove additional fat. As with any cosmetic procedure check with Dr. Wright on how he can help by evaluating you to be a candidate for laser liposuction today!