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Pubic Hair Grooming Can Result in Injuries

When you think of things and activities that could cause injuries, shaving and waxing probably doesn’t come to mind. Oh sure, you may get a couple of nicks here and there if you’re not careful during your shaving routine. However, an interesting study from JAMA Dermatology suggests that many people are getting injured when grooming their pubic hair.

According to the study, approximately 26% of both men and women who have undertaken grooming their pubic region have been injured. And on top of that, at least 32% have said that these injuries have occurred five or more times.

Razor Wounds & Injuries

These injuries range from minor irritations such as wax or razor burns, follicle infection and irritation to more serious injuries such as burns, rashes, and lacerations. In a small percentage of cases, medical attention was required.

Pubic hair grooming is defined as removing some or all pubic hair through removal methods that include razors, scissors, lasers, or other similar techniques. It is so common that the study says that there needs to be attention paid to shave injury prevention, including safe grooming recommendations and clinical guidelines.

It should not come as a surprise that more women report injuries with this grooming practice than men. The higher numbers also come from those in younger age brackets. Also, men who are hairier were also at a higher risk for shave injury. The study also reported that injuries were occurring in those who removed all their pubic hair.

One interesting note is that injuries that actually required medical attention usually happened when the person was on his or her back, or when someone else was performing the procedure.

The study did point out that waxing can prevent many injuries, as this type of procedure usually removes the entire hair follicle, thus extending the time before the pubic hair regrows. Additionally, some experts say that pubic hair should not be completely removed, as it protects the skin and helps prevent infections.

Professional Care from Laser Lipo and Veins

Dr. Thomas Wright of the Laser Lipo and Vein Center says, “There are safe ways to remove pubic hair. These procedures include laser hair removal, which can prevent cuts, burns, and other types of shave injury. Also, laser hair removal can be a near-permanent process, so the results remain far longer than waxing or shaving.”

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