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The Benefits, Costs, and Smart Lipo Procedures We Offer

Are you struggling with those stubborn areas that just won’t go away no matter how much you exercise and diet? This is a common problem that is tied to genetics. These fat accumulations are often inherited and are often prove impossible to get rid of; however, with LipoSculpting – a laser vein treatment – you can smooth out these problem areas. When we think of a healthy body and mind, it is important to note that a positive body image and self-esteem go hand in hand. When you are happy with your body, it can have a positive effect on your work and personal life, as well as your emotional well being.

Benefits of Liposuction at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center

Why Get Liposuction and Laser Vein Treatment at the St Louis Laser Lipo and Veins Clinic?

In the quest for a positive body image, people often struggle with fat deposits that just won’t go away — no matter how much they diet and exercise. This is a very common problem that is tied to genetics, as the fat deposits are often inherited. They often prove impossible to get rid of; however, through the efforts of skilled surgeons like Dr. Thomas Wright, these problem areas can be successfully smoothed and contoured. Dr. Wright uses advanced liposuction procedures and laser vein treatment, including tumescent liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction to help his patients achieve their desired goals.

Dr. Wright is a board-certified liposuction doctor who has been performing cosmetic procedures for more than 10 years. He gained his liposuction skills through training by the inventor of tumescent liposuction, Dr. Jeffrey Klein. Dr. Wright specializes in these effective techniques, which are the least invasive and do not require potentially harmful general anesthesia. He and his staff place a high emphasis on patient safety, comfort and ongoing well being. His goal and that of his team is to produce the best quality surgery, experience and follow-up for each patient. If you are troubled by localized fat deposits, call St. Louis Laser, Lipo and Vein Center for a consultation to help you attain that smoother, more contoured look.

A Permanent Solution

The fat cells that are removed do not return, and unless you gain a significant amount of weight, the area will remain contoured and will not enlarge due to the elimination of fat cells. The actual amount of fat removed may only be a few pounds, typically three to four; however, since the fat is removed from a specific area, the loss is not distributed over the entire body. In other words, it would take a much larger weight loss to achieve the same results. This makes laser lipo effective for more dramatic results.
Who is a Candidate for This Procedure? Anyone troubled by localized fat is a good candidate for this procedure. The best candidates have realistic expectations and are in good health. Some patients who are in good shape but just cannot lose certain areas of fat, as well as somewhat-obese patients looking for fat loss in specific areas have been satisfied with laser lipo. Keep in mind that this technique is not for those desiring to lose large amounts of weight. Call us today to schedule a consultation to help you gain that smoother,