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Potential Risks and Complications of Liposuction

Potential Risks and Complications of Liposuction

Considering Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the country. For many, the results of the procedure—which trims down fat on areas of the body to contour its shape—can help improve their self-confidence by eliminating a source of insecurity.

Although most liposuction surgeries are safe and without any side effects, there are inherent risks that patients should be aware of before electing to receive liposuction. To assist you in making an informed decision, we encourage you to read on and learn more about the potential complications of this procedure. Read on to learn more about the potential liposuction health risks you need to look out for!

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Potential Risks and Liposuction Complications

Liposuction exposes patients to the possible risk of a toxic reactions to local anesthesia that can cause nausea, dizziness and in rare cases heart conduction abnormalities that can be fatal.  Liposuction if not performed with proper tumescent technique can cause bleeding as well.  If a liposuction is combined with other procedures or the plastic surgeon is doing the surgery under general anesthesia added to the local anesthesia, there are additional risks added to the surgery.  The risk for generally healthy individuals of a serious event from general anesthesia is around 5 in a thousand or 0.5%.

Irregularities in contouring are also a risk; the patient’s skin may look bumpy, withered, or wavy as a result of uneven fat removal, unusual healing, and poor elasticity. Skin damage from the thin tube used during liposuction, called a cannula, can leave a permanent spotted appearance. If these visual flaws occur, they could be permanent.

Other skin-related complications include swelling that can last for weeks or months afterward, infection, temporary or permanent numbness due to nerve damage or irritation, the accumulation of fluid under the skin, skin death above the site of liposuction (which can lead to infections), and burns from the ultrasound probe (during ultrasound assisted liposuction). While infections are rare, they are still possible, and potentially life-threatening. Seromas, or fluid pockets, will need to be drained with a needle.

No one should go into liposuction without being aware of all of the risks. It’s important for patients to weigh the benefits and risks before electing for this or any other medical procedure. Remember that this decision should never be rushed or made impulsively.

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