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Post-Liposuction Skin Quality and Scarring

Post-Liposuction Skin Quality and Scarring What to Expect

If you’re considering electing for liposuction, you may have some questions regarding the effects that the procedure will have on your skin. Read on to learn more about what liposuction will and will not do, in terms of your skin.

Questions and Answers Regarding Skin, Scars After Liposuction, and Liposuction

Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few common questions that our patients often ask us, as well as our professional responses to them. It is our hope that this information will help you make an informed decision regarding whether you want to undergo liposuction, though it should not be the sole basis for your decision. Instead, we encourage you to seek the medical advice of a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Wright before deciding on surgery.

How will the elasticity of my skin affect the results of liposuction? Will liposuction still work on skin with less elasticity?

Depending on the elasticity of a patient’s skin, liposuction will look more or less natural. With good skin elasticity, such as in a young person, skin should appear smooth. However, even in older or previously obese patients with diminished skin elasticity, skin still tends to look good after the procedure, with variations in wrinkling in different areas of the body (such as the upper abdomen or inner thighs) similar to if the patient had lost the fat by dieting. The benefits of the procedure far outweigh the likelihood of developing wrinkles. In other words, though less elasticity can be one of the liposuction side effects, this very rarely happens and should not factor into your decision.

What degree of scarring can I expect from liposuction?

Scars after liposuction can occur, but usually to a minimal degree. The incisions used in the procedure are small, with the amount of scarring depending on the surgeon’s technique and the patient’s genetic tendency to develop scars.

However, a form of scarring known as dyschromia, with either a dark (hyper-pigmentation) or light (hypo-pigmentation) spot on the skin, can occur as one of the more common liposuction side effects, a result of the use of the cannula, or tube through which the fat is removed .

Fortunately, any scars after liposuction that appear on the skin will either be small or strategically located in an area that is not easily seen, though patients with darker skin pigmentation may experience more noticeable alterations in skin pigmentation.

How will liposuction affect the appearance of my skin? Can liposuction improve sagging skin on the abdominal area?

Skin usually adopts an appearance similar to the patient had lost weight through diet and exercise, having little to no side effects as a result of liposuction. It depends on the skin’s elasticity; liposuction can often improve the appearance of the abdomen by allowing skin to retract, however if the patient has poor elasticity, the skin will remain the same. Pre-existing wrinkles are not usually improved or worsened by the procedure.

The abdomen is also unique in that the skin quality often differs between the upper and lower portions as a result of the flexibility of the spinal column at different levels and differences between the contractile properties of the subcutaneous fat in both areas. As a result, liposuction performed on the lower abdominal region may result in smoother-looking skin than liposuction performed on the upper abdomen.

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Before electing for a major surgery like liposuction, make sure that you have all of the facts. Contact our office today to set up your consultation appointment with a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon who can advise you with medical authority and direct you to further informational resources. Trust us; if you are worried about liposuction side effects, scars after liposuction, and more, Dr. Wright is here to help. Call today!

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