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Permanent Fillers

Permanent Fillers

Bellafill and Fat are both excellent permanent fillers for the face. The each have different advantages:

Bellafill does require a liposuction to harvest the fat so it is all in all a simpler and smaller procedures but the filler is more expensive per cc or syringe. A syringe of bellafill cost about $800 – 1000 / depending on how many are bought at the same time. there is a price break when purchasing 4 or more . Still because of its permanence it is much less expensive than any other fillers in the long run.

Facial Fat fillers has many advantages as well. It is completely natural and it rejuvenates the skin where it is used. Fat is your body’s richest source of stem cells and wherever it is placed new blood flow is created and the skin looks more radiant. Fat transfer is two procedures. First there is a liposuction to harvest the fat. That can be done anywhere there is unwanted or excess fat. The second is the fat grafting or filling in the face . The cost of fat grafting or fat transfer is 2,600 but this is added on to the cost of a liposuction which start at $2,400. The good news is that with the liposuction you can harvest nearly unlimited fat for filling so the cost per cc or syringe is quite low. Not all the fat that is transferred survives so an extra amount, 130%, of fat needs to be transferred to account for survival.

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