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Patients Are Still Seeking Cosmetic Options During COVID-19

The sudden arrival of COVID-19 at the start of 2020 drastically changed the medical field for months. CDC recommendations and state guidelines required non-essential medical offices to temporarily close to prevent the virus from spreading. One would think that these temporary closures would have impacted the cosmetic surgery industry due to the restrictions on openings and cautiousness from patients. However, new data is showing that COVID-19 does not deter patients. Patients are still seeking cosmetic procedures options and are going to their cosmetic surgeons at a rate close to pre-COVID-19.

Return from May

As mentioned, cosmetic and non-essential medical offices were required to close in the majority of states. Since May, many of these previous restrictions have been lifted, as long as these offices hold to CDC recommendations and other issues from their state government. Preparing for the return of in-person patients was somewhat of a mystery; many cosmetic surgeons thought that the ongoing scare of COVID-19 would keep many patients home to hide out the remainder of quarantine. New data shows that patients returned at a rate that is close to what was seen before the temporary shutdown. Dr. Thomas Wright has seen an increase of 40% for overall new patients and 50% increase for cosmetic consultations. While many unprepared offices would be overwhelmed with the huge increase of patients, Dr. Wright prepared for the influx of patients seeking treatment. Dr. Wright is not the only cosmetic surgeon who used the closure wisely; cosmetic physicians across the country took the time to make improvements and tweak equipment frequently used for treatments such as lasers and body contouring equipment.

What Cosmetic Procedures People Want

Cosmetic offices are reporting a significant increase in new patients and those looking for a consultation for future procedures. With everyone spending weeks this year in quarantine, it should come as no surprise that makeover treatments have been the most requested form of treatment. Skin treatments are able to get rid of any side effects of remaining indoors for prolonged periods of time such as acne building and blocked pores. Minimally invasive procedures such as chemical peels and microdermabrasions are the perfect way for these individuals to look fresh and great again with little risk.

Even more significant treatments have become popular with new and returning patients. Working remotely has made it the perfect time to focus on your body without your coworkers or boss knowing. Dr. Leo McCaffery, another cosmetic surgeon who is also showing an uptick of new and returning patients, report that procedures such as liposuction are great for those working from home. Anything below the neck can be hidden during any kind of video conference call, even just the next day after your procedure. This makes procedures such as liposuction, fillers, and other similar treatments even more accessible, especially to those who fear scrutiny. Face lifts can also be done during this time. Many patients will experience bruising in the treatment area. But if you are heading out to get groceries with a mask on, no one will even notice. These patients are remaining safe while still taking care of their personal wants and needs.

More Noticeable Traits

Liposuction and other similar procedures can take care of all the aspects of your body others won’t notice but being a part of frequent video conference meetings may start causing others to notice undesirable traits such as fine lines and wrinkles. The Skin Center, a cosmetic center located in Pennsylvania and Ohio, continues to see clients reach out requesting to treat their wrinkles and fine lines. Video conferencing calls are often zoomed-in on the face, creating a self-made target for these unwanted features. Those working from home or taking care of children are using this time to look younger again and enjoy the way they look.

Office Visits with a Twist

Most cosmetic offices including Laser Lipo and Vein Center are back to being open and are now following a variety of CDC recommendations to remain open. Safety continues to be one of the most important aspects of the cosmetic industry, especially as COVID-19 hangs around. Most offices now require temperature checks and a touchless check-in for patients arriving in person. Waiting rooms are also spaced out so individuals are not waiting within six feet of one another. Those who have traveled to a state that continues to see a rise in COVID-19 cases will be asked to push back their appointment for 14 days or more. Other changes include virtual consultations where patients can discuss their treatment plan with a technician while remaining safe at home. Many cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Wright expect to see virtual consultations stick around, as patients can now receive care from anywhere in the world.

The Laser Lipo and Vein Center is here to help you achieve your personal goals. Contact us today to learn more about how you can obtain the look you want while staying safe!