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Now is the Perfect Time for Laser Hair Removal

Most cosmetic offices will see an uptick in laser hair removal patients during the spring and summer months as everyone starts to notice their unwanted hair more and more. While there is never a bad time to receive laser hair removal, there are certain times when it may fit better into your schedule. Winter is finally upon us, and with it comes a variety of reasons why now is the perfect time to get laser hair removal!

More Time for Treatments

If there is a single important fact to know about laser hair removal, it is that no single treatment will provide 100% effectiveness for getting rid of hair. Our hair follicles grow in different cycles, making it impossible to treat in a single session. Laser hair removal targets the active hair follicles during each session, making sure hair does not grow back during the present cycle. For a successful laser hair removal treatment plan, you will need several different sessions that are separated across multiple weeks. If you are getting laser hair removal with the goal of being ready for the summer season, you will need to start your treatments well in advance.

Skin Sensitivity

One side effect of laser hair removal that individuals may experience after a single session is skin sensitivity. It is recommended that individuals who receive laser hair removal avoid direct sunlight for a short period of time following their procedure. This can be especially hard during the sunny months of the year. Instead, if you schedule your laser hair removal for the near future, you can take advantage of the cloudy months of winter and warm winter clothing. Keep your skin safe and out of direct sunlight by getting your laser hair removal done now.

Save on Future Expenditures

It is no secret that shaving and waxing can add quite the bill to your monthly expenses. The price of razors increases every year, and waxing is always so painful. You can save thousands of dollars in your lifetime by receiving laser hair removal on areas of the body you often shave or wax. No longer will you have to worry about buying additional razors!

Laser Hair Removal Done Right

At the Laser Lipo & Vein Center, we offer quick and easy laser hair removal treatments that you can enjoy today. Each treatment plan starts with your free consultation that will help you understand the recommended number of sessions you need and the overall cost of the procedure. Get started today and enjoy the hair-free lifestyle!