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Natural Buttox Augmentation vs Butt Implants

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your butt had a little bit more volume or shape? You are not alone, as thousands of individuals across the country each year explore the cosmetic surgery options currently available. No matter where you look you will find that the two most common types of treatments are a natural butt augmentation and butt implants. It can be difficult to understand the difference between these two completely different procedures. Here is how natural butt augmentation stacks up against butt implants:

The Butt Implants Procedures

You can find natural butt augmentations, commonly called Brazilian butt lifts, during your search for the perfect treatment option. This widely acclaimed procedure involves using fat tissue from your own body to shape your butt. The fat tissue is removed via liposuction before it is injected into the butt, giving you a natural looking backside.

Butt implants are exactly what they sound like: implants that are surgically placed into your butt. While butt implants give a “plumper” appearance, they do not appear as natural as a butt augmentation.

The Results

You will not find a more natural looking result than you will with a natural butt augmentation. The fat tissue is carefully injected throughout the butt, giving you the size and shape you want. Only the most talented, board certified cosmetic surgeons can provide this level of detail. Luckily for you, Dr. Wright and his team are just that! Even better, the fat tissue is commonly taken from areas where you want to be thinner, such as the waist and abdomen. Swap that fat tissue to where you want it!

Candidates for Natural Buttox Augmentation

Natural buttox augmentation is perfect for individuals of all shapes and sizes. Individuals with an adequate amount of fat tissue are perfect for this life changing treatment; even thinner patients can achieve the results they want. Best of all, you will recovery time is relatively short. With butt implants, the patient will require a significant recovery time due to the invasiveness of the procedure.

Choosing the Laser Lipo and Vein Center

If you are looking to receive the incredible benefits of a natural butt augmentation, make sure to call the offices of the Laser Lipo and Vein Center. Our highly trained staff are ready to help you achieve your desired shape and size for your butt. Call us today for your free consultation.