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Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment Options

Most of us dealt with acne throughout our adolescence. Typically, over the counter treatments and simply getting older will help reduce the appearance of acne. However, acne is not just a skin condition that impacts teenagers but also millions of adults each year. Moderate to severe acne can impact our self-confidence and make us feel bad about our appearance. We provide a variety of acne treatments to help out these adults every day. Here is what we offer for moderate to severe acne treatment:

Acne Extraction

When it comes to the most severe cases of acne, we often have to extract pimples to allow dramatic results. Extractions can clear most blackheads and whiteheads. Nearly everyone has tried to squeeze and pop their own pimples at home, but you will not find that amateur technique in our offices; our trained staff use sterile techniques and safely remove the pimple. Our techniques allow our staff to not cause any trauma or scarring that can further inflame the skin. If your acne is in a wide area, we can pair an acne extraction with a chemical peel for maximum results.

Chemical Peels

One of the best ways to treat acne is by exfoliating the skin and removing any damaged skin layers. Chemical peels are a great way to do just that and renew the skin. Chemical peels can treat mild comedonal acne and even more severe cases such as cystic acne. Our chemical peels are not the kind you can find in day spas, but peels that use specially designed Jesner’s solution to help clear up your skin.

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Blue Light Treatment

Another way to treat moderate to severe acne is by killing the P. acnes bacteria below the skin. We can target this bacteria strand by using Blue U, an incredible blue UV light, that eliminates and reduces the bacterial infection found below the skin. P acnes bacteria is one of the primary causes of inflammation, so removing these bacteria is a safe way to reduce your acne without antibiotics.

Your Acne Treatment Center

If you are dealing with moderate to severe acne, it is time to seek the help you need. Our staff is trained in these state-of-the-art treatments and will have your skin looking the best it can be. Give us a call today and set up your free consultation to see if our acne treatment options are right for you.