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Microblading in St Louis

Microblading in St Louis

Significant advancements in the field of cosmetic technology mean patients, suffering with thinning or non-existent eyebrows, no longer need to rely exclusively on traditional tattoo applications to correct the issue. Microblading is a highly effective modern method for creating the appearance of fuller eyebrows. Safe and time-efficient, microblading has found rising popularity among patients looking to avoid a standard tattooing process and are seeking a semi-permanent solution that allows for flexibility and change over time.

The Process of Microblading

Microblading originated in Asia as a far less painful approach to filling in eyebrows and has made its way into the portfolios of cosmetic surgeons in the United States over the past 25-years. Alternatively referred to as microstroking or feathering, microblading is performed by an experienced physician or his medical aesthetician who manually implants pigment directly into the brow line. A handheld blade made up of several smaller blades is used to penetrate the first three layers of skin around the eyebrows. This gentle technique allows pigment to be injected as a soft pattern of lines near the surface of the skin, creating the appearance of fine hairs and an overall fuller appearance to eyebrows when the procedure is complete.
As an outpatient procedure, microblading can easily be performed in the comfort of an attending physician’s office and for many patients, this treatment takes between 1.5 hours and 2-hours in total.

Recovery and Results After Microblading St Louis

Microblading involves very little recovery time as a physician will apply nothing more than numbing cream prior to performing services to make sure a patient is comfortable during treatment. The effects of numbing cream typically wear off within a few hours of treatment and at most, the patient may notice a slight redness around the treated area. The results of microblading are immediately visible, but will continue to improve over the course of approximately 10-days following the procedure. While microblading St Louis is considered a semi-permanent treatment, results are expected to remain effective for up to 3-years before an additional treatment is required.

Patient Benefits

For many patients, microblading is a safe and effective solution for treating a displeasing facial aesthetic and returning eyebrows to a natural-looking fullness. Beyond appearance, microblading comes with the added benefit of being a significant time-saver. After the procedure is completed, it’s no longer necessary to spend daily time applying color to eyebrows to enhance definition. Similarly, those who have elected to undergo microblading do not have to worry about makeup smearing during daily activities which is particularly important for those who have an active and athletic lifestyle. Microblading has also proven to be an effective solution for patients who experience significant eyebrow hair loss as a result of alopecia or as a side effect of chemotherapy treatments.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Patients who are interested in microblading are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center. Taking time to speak with Dr. Wright and his team of professionals about the many benefits of microblading is a great way to see if this treatment is right for you and begin the process of creating a customized treatment plan.

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