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Masculinization Fillers

Now that social media has taken hold of our society, it has made modeling even more accessible. You have probably seen “Instagram models” showcasing their beauty and looks. This type of exposure is not just for women but also for men too. The idea of what makes a man attractive continues to change and is brought up with cosmetic physicians all the time. Dr. Max Malik at London’s Cranley Clinic, who is also know by the name, “The Face Doctor,” is asked frequently what makes a man ideally attractive. The answer isn’t a simple one but generally leans towards what we think of as masculine features. Read more about our masculinization fillers bellow.

Clear Masculine Features

Over time, what has been considered masculine has slightly changed with the years. A square jaw and tall height have often been considered attractive. Now that social media is present everywhere, individuals will notice more and more people with these attractive features. This can cause our expectations to increase in order to differentiate what makes someone attractive. Common details that Dr. Malik finds to be popular features are flat brows with a ridge, strong and elevated cheekbones with flat cheeks, a pronounced chin, and a square jawline. These types of details have almost always been what is considered conventionally masculine.

Augment Your Look

Constructive surgery may soon be a thing of the past. These procedures were painful and very expensive to complete. Clinics such as Dr. Malik’s are now offering another form of cosmetic treatment to help those achieve a more masculine look. Fillers have been a popular for women and can now be used for treatments known as “masculinization fillers.” The popularity of these procedures has skyrocketed in recent years. Masculinization fillers are injections made directly around your jawline, chin, and cheekbones to provide greater definition. With a simple filler, you can look like your favorite Instagram model in a few quick and easy treatments.

Why It Has Become More Popular

As mentioned, the rising popularity in social media has allowed more individuals to see models showing off their look. Our physical look has become more noticeable than ever and men are also giving attention to their aesthetic. Influencers such as Zack Smith feel more confident when they are able to place more attention on their physique. The early 2000s often coined these type of individuals as “metrosexuals.” The stigma has disappeared, and society welcomes the possibility of being able to change your appearance.

Tweaking Your Appearance

What is perfect about these masculinization fillers is they can “tweak” your appearance without the change becoming distracting. This allows fillers to be more acceptable instead of being deemed feminine as they were previously. These injectables are undetectable so you can look great without being judged. The idea of tweaking came from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Masculinization filers can smooth out features and create the ideal beauty that is distinctly male.

Interest in tweaking your appearance can also be linked to having low self-esteem. Older, business type men may lack the confidence needed to be successful. A quick procedure to tweak their appearance can help them shed oversized glasses used to hide certain facial features. Of course, there is the toxic community found online fueled by jealousy with misogynistic ideas. A simple procedure can help change everything about your appearance.

The Rise of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Some patients will not receive treatment right away due to body dysmorphic disorder, a condition that affects about 2.9% of Americans. The pressure of society to improve our looks can cause us to look for improvements to our features when they are not needed. For example, an individual may want to fix his nose, claiming it is deformed. Certain types of procedures require psychological help to prevent individuals from becoming obsessed with their look. Data is limited on specific demographics on this impact of improving our looks. Such disproportionate ideas, such as one that says most gay men suffer from eating disorders, exist because of this. It is especially important to learn more as trans people seek treatments to feel comfortable in their body. Having more masculine features can prevent the risk of hate crimes and violence. This kind of transphobic hate can even be seen during biased treatments in healthcare.

Social Media and Its Contribution to Masculinization

Being informed on the type of procedure you are looking for will help with the results. Stay away from black market doctors who want to capitalize on social media beauty standards. Masculinization fillers can help you appreciate your looks; these types of treatments have even brought down permanent surgeries. If you are looking for extra followers on social media or have low self-esteem, these types of fillers can be all you need. Make sure you seek the proper guidance on how you can achieve life-changing results with masculinization fillers. Contact us today!