Before Your Liposuction Surgery

What to Do Before Liposuction Surgery

Before undergoing any type of liposuction procedure, you’ll want to be fully prepared for the procedure and make sure you not only understand what you can do to prepare, but what the procedure will entail, what your costs will be and what kind of results you can expect. Here are some tips you should know when preparing for surgery.

Ask What the Cost of your Liposuction Surgery is

The cost of your procedure will depend upon a number of factors including where the procedure will take place, which area or areas of the body you’re intending to treat and what type of liposuction procedure you’ve chosen, so it’s important to discuss the details of what to do before liposuction ahead of time so you’re not surprised by the costs or the details surrounding your liposuction procedure.
Every liposuction patient should plan on scheduling a one-on-one consultation with their St Louis liposuction surgeon prior to treatment to discuss any questions or concerns. Some of the following questions a patient might ask would include the following:

  • Where will the procedure take place? Hospital, outpatient surgery center, or office based surgical suite?
  • Which areas can I expect to be covered during my liposuction treatment?
  • What type of anesthesia will be used, local, IV sedation, or general anesthesia and what is the difference?
  • What type of liposuction technique will you use? Ultrasound, vibration or tumescent liposuction and why?
  • What is the procedure like for the liposuction technique that I will be experiencing? Will there be any pain associated with my particular liposuction technique?
  • How many days will I need to be hospitalized, if any, following my liposuction procedure?
  • What kind of hospital bills and medical expenses are typical of someone undergoing my liposuction procedure?
  • Can my surgery performed in an outpatient or office based surgical setting?
  • Will there be additional cost for the Operating Room or a Facility Fee?
  • Will I need to purchase personal pre- or post-care items such as compression garments or medication to prevent bruising or scaring.
  • Are there any fees associated with this consultation or pre-op or follow-up appointments with you or members of your staff?

After your initial consultation, you as the patient should come away with a pretty clear understanding of the procedure while getting a better feel for the surgeon’s methods and suggestions for the preparation and healing process. The goal is also to get a good estimate of the overall cost of your liposuction treatment including any possible travel expenses should you be seeking treatment from a surgeon in another city or state from you. Don’t hesitate to inquire how the surgeon counts the treatment areas to arrive at the final cost as some surgeons will treat the lower abdomen and the upper abdomen as two separate regions, each associated with their own treatment costs. Other surgeons may consider the hips and waist as separate treatment areas as well, so if you’re planning to treat both these regions of your body, there’s a possibility you’ll have to pay for both.

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Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

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– D.H.