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Preparing for Liposuction Procedure

When it comes to our various cosmetic procedures, we often recommend some form of preparation. This includes the many liposuction procedures we currently offer in our office. Preparing for liposuction can ensure a successful treatment and help you avoid any unnecessary risks.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking almost goes without saying, as it causes a variety of health problems, but it is especially important when liposuction is involved. In addition to being harmful to your health, smoking can place added pressure on your veins. This stress can cause additional bleeding during the procedure that can easily be avoided. If you are a long-time smoker, we understand it can be difficult, but do not risk your safety and make every effort to cut back before receiving liposuction.

Avoid or Adjust Certain Medications

In addition to smoking, certain medications can also cause an increase of bleeding during liposuction. These specific medications can include anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and even herbal remedies. Certain prescription medications may also need to be adjusted. However, do not adjust any prescribed medication plan without consulting with your primary physician first.

Find a Driver

Although we perform liposuction as an outpatient procedure, and advancements in technique mean you won’t have a difficult or long recovery period, it is still important to have someone with you to take you home and watch over you. Make sure you find a driver in advance to take you home; we guarantee any friends or family members will be able to wait comfortably as you undergo the procedure.

Avoid Eating or Drinking the Morning of Your Treatment

Make sure you do not drink or eat anything on the morning of your liposuction procedure. Your body needs to be completely empty. Feel free to brush your teeth, but make sure you do not drink any water. Chewing gum is also advised against on the day of your procedure.

Review Info from Your Pre-Op Consultation

Perhaps the most important procedure preparation for any liposuction is receiving a medical consultation. We provide this to all of our patients before they begin any treatment plan. Our physicians will create an individual care plan based on your personal needs. It’s a good idea to review before your procedure to make sure you are fully prepared!

Get Ready for a New You

By following these simple recommendations, you can cut back on any unnecessary risks associated with liposuction and be fully prepared. Call today for your free consultation and make sure liposuction is ideal for you. Our trained physicians will provide you with personal feedback and recommendations to help you find the results you are looking for with liposuction.