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Liposuction Education

Liposuction Education

Localized accumulations of fat which are often inherited and frequently prove impossible to eliminate by exercise or dieting can now be removed permanently by LipoSculpting or body sculpting with liposuction surgery. Read More

The Tumescent Technique

The Tumescent Technique permits liposuction solely by local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. This technique is now considered the safest form of liposuction for removing very large amounts of fat because there is virtually no blood loss. Read More

Laser Liposuction

Laser-Assisted Liposuction is the latest method for removing fat utilizing laser technology. The technique involves the use of a laser to rapidly dissolve the fat and tighten the surrounding skin almost anywhere in the body. Read More

Laser Liposuction vs. Lipo Laser

The terms “laser liposuction” and “laser-assisted liposuction” can be confusing to the liposuction patient. Liposuction itself has been around for decades. Modern liposuction as we now practice it began in the 1980s with tumescent technique using dilute local local anesthetic. Read More

Liposuction: Before & After

All of our Before and After photos are real patients of Dr. Wright’s. Results may vary from patient to patient. Be sure to talk with Dr. Wright about your goals and expectations. Read More

Safety of Liposuction

With the Tumescent technique, our patients have never required hospitalization, blood transfusions, nor have there been any infections or other serious complications. Read More

Cost of Liposuction

There is no universal fee structure for liposuction. The cost of liposuction of course varies, depending on several factors: the number of areas treated, the type of area treated (on the body), the amount of fat to be removed from those areas, etc. There are also regional variations in the cost of liposuction. Read More

Alternatives to Liposuction

Some of the alternatives to liposuction include modifying diet to lose excess body fat, exercise, accepting one’s body and appearance as it is, or using clothing or makeup to downplay or emphasize body or facial features. “Tummy tuck” is sometimes considered an alternative to liposuction of the abdomen. Read More

Aftercare for Liposuction

After the surgery, the person will need to wear a support garment continuously for two to three weeks. The support garments can be removed during bathing 24 hours after surgery. Read More

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