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Latisse: New Study Shows It Is Effective for Treating Eyebrow Hypotrichosis

A new study has indicated that Latisse may have an additional application for those who are experiencing eyebrow hypotrichosis. Eyebrow hypotrichosis is a condition where the eyebrows are very sparse. Eyebrow loss or hypotrichosis can often cause negative social and functional issues. You may be having to “draw” in your lack of eyebrows each day to lessen the look of the lack of eyebrows.

As you may know, Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment for those who are suffering from hypotrichosis of the eyelash (loss or reduction of the lashes). It has been proven very effective for those who are looking for a solution for sparse eyelashes.

About the Study on Eyebrow Hypotrichosis

This recent study was conducted by Jean Carruthers, MD, along with her colleagues. The research entailed a double mask study of 357 adults with a mean age of 54 years old. The study was also supported by Allergan, the maker of Latisse.

All study participants had either a grade 1 or 2 (sparse or very sparse) on the Allergan Global Eyebrow Assessment scale. Random subjects received Latisse (bimotoprost 0.03%) either once or twice a day over a period of seven months. The primary goal of the study was to produce overall eyebrow fullness within this time period.

Study Results

At the study’s end, there were 339 subjects who completed the entire study. There were 77.1% in the once-daily group that saw at least a 1-grade improvement, and 83.9% in the twice daily group. Additionally, results showed that both groups saw improvement in the fullness and darkness of the eyebrows by month two. A greater level of satisfaction among study subjects was reported after month two and all subsequent months. The study also notes that the subjects did not report any skin or iris hyperpigmentation or any other eye issues such as conjunctival hyperemia.

The overall conclusion of the study is that Latisse is safe, effective, and well tolerated for eyebrow hypotrichosis. While the application of Latisse to the eyebrows may be considered “off label,” this study does indicate that it is a safe and effective use of the product. Says Dr. Thomas Wright, of Laser Lipo and Vein Center, “This study has given us another tool in helping our clients deal with both sparse eyelashes, as well as sparse eyebrows. I think it is a very promising development.” If you would like to know more about Latisse, please just give us a call!