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Laser Hair Removal Myths & Facts

If you have been considering laser hair removal and done your own research online, you may have come across a few odd myths regarding the procedure. Many false claims are made about cosmetic procedures with little to no evidence to back them up. The same can be said for laser hair removal. Let us break down the laser hair removal myths regarding this popular and highly successful procedure:

Laser Hair Removal Causes Infertility and Cancer – False

Many individuals may be concerned when getting an X-ray done at their physician’s office due to the amount of radiation used. However, you are safely underneath the protection of a lead blanket. False claims started about laser hair removal due to the inconsequential amount of radiation used. These claims stated that the amount of radiation can cause cancer and even infertility. These claims could not be further from the truth. Laser hair removal has been used for decades now and with incredible results. You will not be at risk of any cancer or infertility issues when receiving laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Only Works for Light Skinned Individuals – False

This claim was initially true back in the early 1990s. Laser technology was unable to target the hair follicles across darker skin tones. However, technological advancement has allowed our lasers to safely target the hair follicles for any skin color. Our laser hair removal is great to permanently remove unwanted hair for any individual.

Laser Hair Removal Causes Hair to Actually Grow – False

The procedure would not be called laser hair removal if this false claim was actually true. Our hair grows in phases, making it impossible to get rid of unwanted hair in one session. Instead, laser hair removal requires multiple sessions to target the hair follicles and prevent them from eventually growing back. Even then it is impossible to target every single follicle, so future follow-ups every six months are recommended for maintaining the best results.

It is Simple Enough for Anyone to Provide Laser Hair Removal – False

When it comes to laser hair removal, only trust certified experts like those at the Laser Lipo & Vein Center. Laser hair removal in untrained hands can leave you with skin damage and even burns if done incorrectly. Do not risk this; choose our highly trained team for your procedure! Our team will show you how laser hair removal will work for you in our free consultation. Call today and see how laser hair removal can leave you with permanently smooth skin. Learn more about laser hair removal procedures.